Function Filters

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Dokan included all neccessery function filters.

Function Filters

Dokan function filters.

dokan_email_admin_mail Admin mail filter. Arguments ( get_option( 'admin_email' ) )
dokan_category Category Filter. Arguments ( $dokan_category )
payment_withdraw_option Admin withdraw method Filter. Arguments ( $method )
dokan_withdraw_methods Seller withdraw method Filter. Arguments ( $method )
dokan_widget_args Widget argument filter. Arguments ( array )
dokan_reports_charts Report chart filter. Arguments ( $charts )
dokan_get_dashboard_nav Seller dashboard navigation filter. Arguments ( $urls )
dokan_product_status_case Product status filter. Arguments ( $name, $status )
dokan_my_account_my_sub_orders_actions Account order filter. Arguments ( $action, $order )
dokan_can_add_product Seller can add product filter. Arguments ( $errors )
dokan_can_post Seller can sell product filter. Arguments ( $errors )

Note: All Filters of WprdPress and woocommerce plugin are available.