Seller Dashboard Action & Hooks

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Dokan have hooks for all possible sections on seller dashboard.

Add Product Actions

Hooks on add product.

dokan_new_product_form Before add new product form subbmit button.
dokan_can_post_notice After add new product form notice.

Edit Product Actions

Hooks on edit product.

dokan_product_data_panel_tabs Hook of edit product tab panels tab title.
dokan_product_edit_before_main Before product edit main tab panel.
dokan_product_edit_after_main After product edit main tab panel.
dokan_product_edit_after_options After product edit options tab panel.
dokan_product_edit_after_inventory After product edit inventory tab panel.
dokan_product_edit_after_shipping After product edit shipping tab panel.
dokan_product_edit_after_attributes After product edit attributes tab panel.
dokan_product_edit_after_variations After product edit variations tab panel.
dokan_product_tab_content Hook of edit product tab panels tab content. Perameter ( $post, $seller_id )

Edit Product Sidebar Actions

Hooks on product Edit Sidebar.

dokan_product_edit_before_sidebar Before product edit sidebar.
dokan_product_edit_after_sidebar After product edit sidebar.
dokan_product_edit_after_downloadable After downloadable checkbox option.

Product Listing Actions

Hooks on product listing.

dokan_before_listing_product Before product listing table.
dokan_after_listing_product After product listing table.

Note: All hooks of woocommerce plugin are available.