How To Use Dokan Admin Dashboard

Dokan Dashboard is where you will get to oversee the overall bird eye view of your store in the back end, highlighting some of the major items to Dokan to be able to see at one place.

To get to the Dokan Dashboard you must navigate to:

WordPress Admin Dashboard → Dokan→ Dashboard

Dokan Dashboard

The dashboard of Dokan consist of 3 sections on display ‘At a Glance', ‘Overview' & ‘Dokan News Updates'.

 At a Glance

‘At a glance' has 2 sub section naming ‘Vendors' & ‘Withdraw'.

The Vendors area displays the total number of vendors, total number of active vendors and total number of pending vendors. They are also clickable to be accessed.

The Withdraw area displays an overview of the number of pending withdraws, number of completed withdraws and number of cancelled withdraws on display and to be accessed.


The Overview section consists of an overall graphical presentation chart of total number of sales, number of order placed and commission.

Dokan News Updates

The Dokan News Updates section in the dashboard displays all the latest news updates to be accessed related to Dokan.

For any further queries regarding Dokan, contact our support team