Pre-Sales Queries

Here are the possible pre-sales queries to remove your confusion before using Dokan.

1.Please suggest some themes that are compatible with Dokan.

 Let me assure you that your Dokan works with most of the other themes that are compatible with WooCommerce but sometimes it's may create CSS issues that can be fixed through custom CSS.

You can find some Dokan compatible themes here.

2. Can vendor reviews be shown on the Vendor Dashboard?

→  It is not possible to show vendor review on the Vendor Dashboard, only product reviews are shown in vendor dashboard. A vendor can see the vendor reviews he has received on his store page.

3. What does $149/year mean?

$149/year means that you need to pay $149 to buy the plugin and after one year you will need to pay the same amount to renew the license key. This is similar for all other packages i.e. Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Prices exclude VAT/Taxes.

4. What happens if I do not renew the licence after 1 year?

→ You can purchase the plugin for one time and may not wish to renew it later. Buying the plugin gives you free support and update for next 365 days from the day of purchase. Not renewing the license does 2 things to your package: a) no more free customer support and b) barred from updating the plugin.

So you see, to be able to run your plugin smoothly renewing your license is highly important!

5. Do you provide customization?

 As per our support policy, we provide support for our default functionality, customized configuration, and installation.

For further customizations, for example, if you need to change or modify anything on the Dokan plugin then you may need to hire a developer. We will be happy to share the correct file location or function reference.

For more queries on custom support, inform us through our contact us page.

6. Do you have any demo site?

Yes, we do have a demo site. Here is the link to our demo site.

7.  What is the difference between free and paid version of Dokan?

On the paid version of Dokan plugin, you will get many features which are not available on the lite version. You can check the comparison list here.

8. Does dokan support multi-currency?

Dokan is not supported with multi-currency system right now. We are investigating to make it work with multi-currency. For, now you have to use the base currency.

9. How many vendors can be managed by Dokan?

There is no limitation for vendors quantity. If your server memory is strong then you can have unlimited vendors.

10. What does the single site license means?

The single site license means you can activate the license key on a single domain.

11. What does the 5  sites license means?

The 5  sites license means you can activate the license key on different 5 domains.

12. What does the Unlimited sites license means?

The unlimited site license means you can activate the license key on unlimited domains.

13. Does dokan have per-product commission system?

Yes, in Dokan the admin can set commission for each product from the backend product area.

14. Can vendor use their own website to create store?

A vendor will register on your website and he will get his own store on your website. The store URL would be like It is not possible to use the vendor own website as his store.

15. Does your plugin comes including the extension with the given price?

No, the price given on our site is for the plugin only. If you want to buy Dokan extensions then you will need to buy them separately.

16. Does all your extensions work with the lite version?

Without the extension Dokan Vendors review all other extensions works fine with the Lite version of Dokan.

17. Can we translate Dokan?

Yes, you can translate Dokan plugin to your own language easily. Please follow this doc/tutorial

18. Do you have any trial period?

No, we do not have any trial period but we have the free live demo where you can check the plugin. Also, there is a free version available on

19.  Do you have any lifetime license?

Yes, we are offering any lifetime license. You can purchase Dokan Lifetime packages.

20. Can I purchase the plugin through monthly installment?

Monthly instalment is not available for any plugin or extension.