Dokan WPML Integration

Dokan WPML Integration Documentation goes through the process to install and start using WP Multilingual Plugin for your Dokan-powered multivendor marketplace.

Initial Steps

To enable WPML for your Dokan Multivendor Marketplace, you will need the following –

  • Sitepress Multilingual
  • WooCommerce Multilingual
  • WPML Translation Management
  • WPML Media
  • WPML String Translation
  • Dokan WPML Integration

Installation & Configuration Steps

  1. Navigate to WP Dashboard->Plugins->Add New->Search.

    Search for the plugins stated above.
  2. Click on Install Now and then click on Activate for each of the plugins. Sitepress Multilingual, WooCommerce Multilingual, WPML Translation Management, WPML Media, WPML String Translation plugin.
    dokan wpml required plugins
  3. Configure WPML & WooCommerce Multilingual. You can read this documentation for details.
  4. Install and activate Dokan WPML Integration plugin.
  5. Navigate to WP Dashboard → WPML → Languages → Language URL Format
  6. Set the translation link structure to sub-directories. That means the translation link for french would be
wpml language directory settings
wpml product translation for products

7. Create translation of your pages and products and you are done.

Translation Text Domain

You have to rename the .mo file according to this format for translating: 
for this extension, just rename the .mo and .po file to the following –
For example, in case of French Language, the code will be-