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WooCommerce Settings

All the transactions from in the checkout page is being handled by WooCommerce. So you can use any WooCommerce compatible payment gateway with Dokan. By default WooCommerce has Bank Payment, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery, Credit Card and PayPal integrated. All of them works fine with Dokan.

But as these configurations have to be made from backend, only admin can modify these settings. Vendors can not configure any payment settings.

To know more about how WooCommerce payments gateways work, please read their official documentation here.

WooCommerce Payments

Cash on Delivery

Please note that the Cash on Delivery method is a bit tricky for marketplaces. Because the payment will be collected by the delivering party. If the admin is delivering the products to the end customer, then everything is fine. Then the admin can keep his commission and send the vendor the rest of the money.

But if the products are being delivered by the vendors, then the vendors will have to send the commission amount to the admin. Or you have to find out any convenient way. The choice totally depends on your business policy and planning. You should discuss with your vendors before deciding the method.

The solution that seems the best to us is using the subscription add-on. Dokan subscription enables you to charge the vendors for creating products. So you don't have to worry about the payment. The vendor can have it all and you can charge them for creating products and keeping them online everyday/week/month/year.