Dokan Delivery Time

The new Dokan Delivery Time module will help the customers choose the time and date they want their product delivered. However, the admins and vendors can control these timings via settings. We are going to show you how to set up and use the Delivery Time module and you will then understand the whole thing.

How to Setup & Use the Dokan Delivery Time Module

First of all you need to do is enable the Delivery Time module from Dokan–> Modules.

enable delivery time module

Then you need to configure the settings. Navigate to Dokan–> Settings–> Delivery Time. There you will find all the settings to configure Delivery Time.

Delivery Time Module
  • Allow vendor settings: If you check this box then the vendor will have the power to override the admin settings. Otherwise the settings provided by the admin will be global.
  • Delivery date label: This label will show on checkout page for the customer.
  • Delivery blocked buffer: How many days the vendor needs to deliver the product. If you write 0 then that means the vendor can deliver the product the same day of the order. It is like a preparation time for the vendors to deliver the product.
  • Delivery box info: This info will show on checkout page delivery time box. %DAY% will be replaced by Delivery blocked buffer.
  • Delivery day: Choose the days the vendor can deliver.
  • Opening time: This is the order delivery opening time.
  • Closing time: This is the order delivery closing time.
  • Time slot: The length of each slot in minutes. Keep opening and closing time divisible by slot minutes. We strongly recommend you select the time slots that are divisible by opening and closing times like (30,60, 90, 120 minutes, etc).
  • Order per slot: The number of orders you can take in each slot time. If you select 3 and the slot time is 30 that means you can take maximum 3 orders in a 30-minute time frame.

Lastly, hit the the Save Changes button to finish configuring the settings.

Vendor Setup

Now, if the admin allows the vendor to alter the settings then they can configure their own settings. If the vendor navigate to Vendor Dashboard–> Settings,

vendor settings

There he/she will find the Delivery Time settings. The Vendor settings is exactly as the Admin settings.

vendor delivery time

However, there is a slight difference. Vendors can select individual Opening time, Closing time, Time slot, Order per slot for each delivery day.

Lastly, click Update Settings to finish.

How the Customer Will Use Delivery Time?

It is very easy for the customer. After purchasing a product and proceeding to checkout, on the right hand side of the checkout page they will see the option to select delivery time.

delivery time select
Delivery Time select for Shad Store and Harry Potter Store

Now, first the customer needs to select the delivery date. Now, only the available dates will appear plus it will take into account the Delivery blocked buffer time. From the available dates, the customer needs to choose one.

Note: Delivery Time module has Vendor Vacation support. So, if the vendor is on vacation then the vacation dates won't show up either in the delivery date select option.

delivery date select

Then, the customer needs to select the time slot as well,

time slot

After confirming the order, they can visit My Account–> Orders and see the details of their delivery time.

Delivery details in order

Delivery Time Details-Vendors

There is option in the Vendor Dashboard, which will enable the vendors to see the dates and number of deliveries on that particular date. Just select the Delivery Time option and they can see all the details.

dashboard delivery time

They can also filter the orders by month, week, day. They can see the list view as well,

list view

And when they click on a order they can see the order details as well.

Vendors Can Update Orders

order details

Vendors can update the Delivery Date and time slot if they want.After updating, it will added on the Order note.

Delivery Time Details-Admin

Admin can also view and update the delivery time details as well. Navigate to WooCommerce–> Orders. And click on an order to see details.

admin delivery time

In the order details they will find a metabox with the delivery time and date.


They can also update the Delivery Date and time slot. After updating, it will added on the Order note.

order notes

That is how users can easily setup and use Dokan Delivery Time module and take their marketplace to another level.

Note: This module will not support the Downloadable or virtual products.