Facebook Messenger

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Now, you can use Facebook messenger to talk with your customers and answer their query.

To enable Facebook Messenger, select the Facebook Messenger option from the Live Chat settings. Hit Save changes to finish.

Facebook messenger

Create Facebook Page

Now you need to create a Facebook page in order to connect your store with Facebook. Select the Create Option from your Facebook account.

There select Page.

select page

Select any of the page type. Give your page name and category.

page type

Go to Settings from your created page.

settings fb page

On the next page, you will find many options. Choose Messaging and click on it.

choose messaging

Go to  Page -> About -> More Info area. Copy the Page ID from there.

copy link

Now, you need to add Messenger to your website. Click on Get Started beside Add Messenger to your website option.

add messenger to website

Add your Store URL on the domain text box. Hit Save. Lastly, click the Finish button to end the process.

add domain

Add Messenger URL To Your Store

Go to the vendor dashboard. Click on Settings.


On the next page, if you scroll down, you will find options Enable Live ChatFacebook Page Id. Only add the number from your Messenger URL you copied earlier. Click on Update Settings to finish.

facebook page id

Now, if you go to your store, click on Chat Now, you will see a pop up with the Messenger icon.