Stripe Express

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The Stripe Express payment module will help marketplace owners make the transaction process smooth. This module will help accept debit and credit cards in different currencies, methods such as iDEAL, and wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay with one-touch checkout.

Let's see how to set up the Stripe Express module.

Configure Your Stripe Account

At first you need to setup your Stripe Express account. To do that, login to your stripe account, Then add your business name and country of operation. Make sure to add the country of operation carefully. Because your currency, tax and language will be set accordingly.

Click on the Create Account to progress.

business name

Now, click on the Activate Payments button,

activate payments

Add your business information like address, business name and type. There are three types of business you can choose from,

  • Natural
  • Business
  • Sole Trader
tell us about your business

Add your personal details like email, legal name, etc.

personal information

Add your business industry, business website, vat number, product description.

business details

You need to add your fulfilment details,

fulfilment details

Fill in the customer support details as well,

customer support details

Select your account for payouts, IBAN number, Bank Account number, currency,etc.

account for payouts

Select your product category,

select your product category

If you want you can contribute to combat climate change,

combat climate change

Before submitting, review all your details again carefully,

review details

Connect Your Stripe Account

Now you need to connect your stripe account. Select the Connect option from the More section from the dropdown menu.

connect option

Click on the Get Started option,

get started

Select platform or marketplace from the pop-up and hit the Continue button.


Now click on the settings options and select the payments methods.

Payment methods

Turn on your preferred payment methods. Google Pay and Apple Pay will be turned on automatically. If you want you can choose all the payment methods.

choose payment methods

Also, you need to select the Settlement Currencies so that anyone can buy from your marketplace,

settlement currencies

Choose all or your preferred currencies,

select currencies

Configure Branding

You need to have your branding configured. This is a very important part. Click on the Branding button,


Click on the Branding on the Connect Settings button,

click on settings

Here you need to Enable your Express account.

express account

Select where to onboard your accounts,

select where to onboard accounts

Add your business name, brand logo, color,

brand icon

Next add your redirect URL from the dashboard,

add url

Note: In payout settings, the payout schedule should be set to manual. The automatic payout generally payout the funds/balance daily or in a given time frame and because of that stripe balance from the admin account can be empty. So when we need to refund any order, there will be trouble as it is not certain that, during that moment, there will be enough balance in the admin’s stripe account. To prevent that inconvenience, the payout schedule should be set to “manual”.


Stripe Dashboard

And you are done.

Setup Dokan Stripe Express Module

Now that your Stripe account configuration is done, you need to activate the module from the admin dashboard.

Go to Dokan–> Modules and enable the Stripe Express module,

module activation

Now go to WooCommerce–> Settings–> Payments,


Select the Dokan Stripe Express and hit the Manage button,

manage button

Configure all the options,

Dokan Stripe Express

Enable/Disable: Check the option to enable Stripe Express.

Title: Add your title.

Description: Add your description.

API Credentials

Test Mode: Enable this if you want to test your stripe account in test mode.

Publishable Key: Add your live publishable key here.

Secret Key: Add your live secret key here.

Test Publishable Key: You need to add your test publishable key.

Test Secret Key: You need to add your test secret key.

Note: It doesn’t matter whether or not the ‘Test mode’ is enabled, the live keys should be always provided. Because the live keys are required for some internal configurations, such as payment request buttons, and also to configure Apple Pay.

Settings for Cross-border Onboarding & Transfers Inside EU and SEPA

Now admin can allow vendors to signup outside the marketplace's country inside EU region and SEPA. For that, the admin needs to enable the “Onboarding for vendors Outside Country/Region of the Marketplace”,

enable registration outside SEPA and EU

After enabling the option, admin will have the option to restrict countries from the dropdown menu. But if they leave it blank then none of the countries will be restricted.

restrict countries

Country Selection During Vendor Sign-up

It will only appear when the marketplace is in Europe (EU and SEPA) and the cross-border settings is enabled and there are more than one supported country available for cross-border feature.

Vendor signup with cross border option enabled

Webhook Endpoint

Test Webhook Key: Add your webhook key. Here are the events you need to select at a minimum,

Note: This field needs to be filled out after the webhook is created in the stripe dashboard. Also, make sure the webhook is created. If not created after saving the settings here, there are more likely any error happened during the request to the stripe server. Hit the “Save Changes” button again to make the request again.

Note: If somehow the automatic endpoint is not created, then you can set up the endpoint manually. In that case, you have select these below events,








Payment and Disbursement

Choose Payment Methods: You need to choose your payment methods from the drop-down box like Credit/Debit card or IDEAL.

Take Processing Fees from Sellers: If activated, Sellers will pay the Stripe processing fee instead of Admin/Site Owner.

Saved Cards: If enabled, customers will be able to save cards during checkout. Card data will be saved on Stripe server, not on the store.

Capture Payments Manually: Only cards support manual capture. When enabled, all other payment methods will be hidden from checkout. Charge must be captured on the order details screen within 7 days of authorization, otherwise the authorization and order will be canceled.

Disbursement Mode: Choose whether you wish to disburse funds to the vendors immediately or hold the funds. Holding funds gives you time to conduct additional vetting or enforce other platform-specific business logic. As an admin, you can choose when to disburse the funds to the vendors. You will have 3 options,

  1. On Payment Complete: vendors will get their money immediately after the order.
  2. On order complete: vendors will get their money after the order is complete via site admin or vendors based on Settings (either vendor can change order status or not)
  3. Delayed: You can choose to hold the fund for a specific number of periods of an interval to disburse the funds. After the specified day's funds will be automatically disbursed to the vendor's PayPal account. The maximum delay period is of 29 days. If the fund is not disbursed within 29 days, Stripe will automatically release funds to the corresponding vendors.

Customer Bank Statement: Enter the name your customers will see on their transactions. Use a recognizable name – e.g. the legal entity name or website address–to avoid potential disputes and chargebacks.

Payment Element Appearance: You can customize the checkout UI using colorful themes.

Payment Element

Payment Request Options (Apple Pay / Google Pay)

Payment Request Buttons: Enable Payment Request Buttons. (Apple Pay/Google Pay).

Button Type: Choose the button type

Button Theme: Choose a button theme

Button Location: Choose where to show the button. You can show them the Product page, Cart page, and checkout page.

Button Size: Select button size.

Notice: Make sure the apple pay domain is registered in stripe payment method settings.

apple pay

Note: Payment Request Buttons will be allowed to be shown on Product and Cart pages only. However, if multiple shipping packages exist for cart items, the payment request Button will not be shown and so the order will not be able to be placed using the Button. Also, note that any inconsistency between shipping options or packages and shipping address saved at Apple Pay / Google Pay wallet will eventually fail the order. In that case, customers will be able to order from checkout instead of Payment request Buttons. So, due to the above-mentioned circumstances, the Payment request button may not show up, or placing an order using the button may not be possible.

Advanced Settings

Display Notice to Connect Seller: If you enable this setting your non-connected vendors will see a notice to connect their Stripe account on their vendor dashboard.

Send Announcement to Connect Seller:  If you enable this setting your non-connected sellers will receive an announcement notice to connect their stripe account.

Send Announcement Interval: You can choose a period of an interval to send the announcement.

Debug Log: You can enable debug log.

Hit the Save Changes button to finish.

Enable Dokan Stripe Express Withdraw Method

Now, you need to enable the withdrawal method from Dokan–> Settings–>Withdrawal.

withdraw method

How to Connect Stripe Express Account

Vendors need to connect their account to Stripe in order to add that method. To do that, go to Vendor Dashboard–> Settings–> Payments. Click on the “Connect with Stripe” button.

vendor dashboard

Next, vendors need to ad their mobile number, emails,

addd number and emails

Choose the type of business,

choose the type of business

Add personal details,

personal details

However, if any vendor leave the setup halfway, then he/she will be redirected to the dashboard,

redirected to the dashboard

Then you need to click on the Complete Onboarding button then he/she will start from where they left off,

start from where left off

Add the business details,

add business details

Select an account for payouts,

account for payouts

Review the details carefully,

review the details

Then the vendors account will be connected,

account connected

And vendors will have their own Stripe dashboard when they click on the Visit Express dashboard,

express dashboard

That's it.

Now, users will see the Google Pay and Apple Pay on the,

Product Page,

product page



Cart Page,

cart page

And the checkout page,

checkout page

Note: You need to configure your Google Wallet and Apple Pay on your device to be able to use them. Google Pay will work for the Chrome Browser and Apple Pay will work for the Safari Browser.

Stripe Express also supports adding payment method from My Account page. Customers will be able to add and manage their payment method.

Change payment method from my account page

Note: Dokan Stripe Express now has support for WooCommerce Product Subscription.

Customers will be able to buy WooCommerce product subscription using Stripe Express. Also, they will be able to change payment method after purchasing the subscription. Payment method can be changed to both Card and iDeal.


Also, it has support for Dokan Vendor Subscription. In case of recurring payments, the payment element will be shown as SEPA Direct Debit.

Sepa Direct Debit

If someone saves IDEAL as the payment method, then it will be shown as SEPA IBAN,


For both iDEAL and SEPA Direct Debit, the saved payment method will be SEPA IBAN,

for both payment methods

This is how you can set up and use the Dokan Stripe Express module. 

Follow this article for the rest of the refund/transfers implementation.