Dokan Stripe Connect


Navigate to your WP dashboard->Dokan->Modules. Find Stripe Connect and turn on the toggle button on the top right to activate this module.

Enabling Stripe Connect

To enable this payment gateway, navigate to WP Dashboard → WooCommerce → Settings→ Payments

Dokan Stripe Connect

Toggle On the ‘Dokan Stripe Connect' section to enable it. Then click on ‘Manage' to get to the option for Dokan stripe payments as shown below.

WooCommerce Payments settings

Check the “Enable Stripe” option and enter Title and Description. The plugin already has default text included, you can change it if required.

In the screenshot, we have enabled the test mode to test the payment system. For live transaction, you don't have to check this box.

You can enable the Stripe Checkout option. This will show a pay button and modal credit card from the checkout page. This also enables a popup that will open and will ask for credentials to pay. You can either turn this on or off. It is totally optional.

Note: In case you want to enable the vendor to collect order & payment from non-connected sellers, you simply need to check the ‘Non-connected seller' section shown in the screenshot above.

WooCommerce stripe payments

The Saved cards option allows users to pay with their saved cards during the checkout process. Stripe serve saves the card details (not on your stores) and this ensure security.

Credentials to Setup Stripe on Your Marketplace

The Stripe Settings has Live Credentials and Test Credentials configuration.

Here, you have to enter the secret key and publishable key in case of live transactions. You can also test the payment system using the test credentials.

All you have do is to enter the Secret Key, Publishable Key and Client ID from Stripe and Save changes.

How to Get the Credentials

Sign up or Log in

At first, you have to visit and sign up. Follow their verification process. If you already have a Stripe Account, just sign in.

Generate (Test and Live) API Keys

You will find your dashboard after log-in. Now click on the API option from the left menu under Developers settings.

You will find the Secret and Publishable Keys for both Test and Live. Copy and paste the keys to the WooCommerce Settings. If you are testing, use the Test credentials.

API Stripe dokan

For live transactions, use the live credentials. Simply untoggle the “View test data” button to get the live publishable & secret key as shown below.

API live key dokan

Enabling oAuth

You need to enable oAuth, otherwise your sellers won't be able to connect their stripe account.

stripe oauth

Adding Webhook with Endpoint

In order to get recurring subcription you need to confgure the webhook of your WooCommerse site.

Simply click on the hyperlinked webhook option to redirect yourself to the webhook settings of stripe account.

connect webhooks dokan

Now in the webhook page of developer settings click on +Add Endpoints to input the webhook URL.

Webhook Endpoint Dokan Stripe

A new page to feed the webhook URL would appear after clicking on +Add endpoint. Now simply copy paste the webhook URL collected from the WooCommerce stripe connect settings to add an endpoints to receive events from your account.

You can select multiple events like Order, Customer, Payment Intent, Plan, Charge invoice for Dokan or you can simply select ‘receive all events' to send all events to your account.

webhook stripe Dokan

After adding the webhook URL selecting your desired events the URL will be live & it will be all set to connect with your marketplace account.

webhook added dokan stripe

Connect Your Marketplace and Get the Client ID

Now, you have already entered the API Keys and the only thing required is the Client ID for live transaction or Test Client ID for Testing.

Click on settings from the left Menu. Now, click on the Connect Settings.

Client ID Connect dokan stripe

Once you enter the Connect settings, input the following details-

  • Redirect URL
  • Business or Marketplace Name
  • Website URL
  • Brand Color, Logo and Icon (if any)

Finally, copy the Client ID under the Development section. This is the credential you have to put under the Client ID in Dokan Stripe Connect Settings. Here is a demonstration of the whole process.

Add redirect URL pressing on +Add URL from top right corner.

Redirect URL Stripe Dokan Doc

After adding the redirect URL, enter your business details and website URL.

URL Redirecting Dokan Stripe

Activating Stripe for Vendors

You have got the credentials and entered them on the Dokan Stripe Connect Settings page. Now, save changes.

Navigate to- WP Dashboard → Dokan → Settings → Withdraw Options → Withdraw Methods

Check the Stripe box and Save changes.

Dokan Withdrawal Method

Settings for Your Vendors

As you have installed a new payment gateway, your vendors should connect their stores to the Stripe Connect as well.

Navigate to – Dokan Vendor Dashboard → Settings → Payment

You will see a new option titled Dokan Stripe and asking to Connect with Strip.

Click on the blue colored button and you will be redirected to website.

(Vendor) Stripe Login or Signup

Login with your stripe account or sign up if you don't have one.

After logging in, you will see the Marketplace is trying to connect to your Stripe account.

Click on the Connect my Stripe account button.

After confirmation, you will be redirected to your store Payment Settings page.

The Dokan Stripe Connect Option will state that it has been connected with Stripe. And you are done with setting up Dokan Stripe Connect to your store.

There is a disconnect button, which can be used to disconnect your account from this marketplace any time you want.

How Customers Pay with Dokan Stripe

When a customer adds a product to their cart and check in, they will see all the available payment methods. If they select Dokan Credit Card (Stripe), a modal form will appear.

The form will ask for email, credit card number, expiry date, CVC. After entering the credentials, click on the Pay button.

After payment, the order details will show the payment method as Dokan Credit Card (Stripe).

Dokan Version 2.9.12 Update

The Stripe 3D Secure & Strong Customer Authentication System

With the release of Dokan Pro v2.9.12, you will be able to let the vendors use the stripe 3D secure and strong customer authentication in the checkout process. Here is how the customers will be able to buy using the Stripe 3D Secure:


To allow the customers to use this 3D secured feature, the vendor must have the Stripe 3D secure and strong customer authentication system. Here are a few things to look at:

1. The admin must enable the 3D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication

2. 3D Secure and SCA ready transaction is only supported when both your platform and the connected account (Vendor) are in the same region: both in Europe or both in the U.S.

How will the Admin set the stripe 3D secure & strong customer authentication?

As an admin, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Dokan Stripe Connect (Click on the ‘Manage' button). After that, you will get the following screen:

Now, check the box beside the 3D Secure and SCA field to activate this secure payment method for your vendors and customers as shown above.

How will customers pay with the 3D secure system?

Supposing that the admin and the vendor both have enabled this feature. Now the customer will follow the normal purchase process:

Step 1: Add to Cart

Step 2: View Cart

Step 3: Proceed to Checkout

Step 4: Place Order

Step 5: 3D Secure Test Payment Page

This is it! In this very step, the 3D secure payment feature that we are talking about will appear. When the customer is paying he or she will be asked to verify their identity with a push notification and a text message in this step. Next, the customer has to hit the “COMPLETE AUTHENTICATION” button to proceed.

Step 6: Order Received

Finally, the order will be received by the admin as usual.


1. If the admin and vendor don't follow the 3D Secure and Strong Customer Authentication, then it will work as it was before.

2. Also, automatic refund through stripe is not supported as well.

A quick walk-through of the Stripe module