Configuring Apple ID Login

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You can easily configure Apple login with Dokan following the steps below.

How to Get Necessary Credentials for Configuring Apple?

You need to collect and add Apple Service ID, Apple Team ID, Apple Key ID, Apple Key Content in the selected area in order to add Apple ID login to your marketplace.

apple id login

To collect those credentials go to this link and create a developer id. After login, go to the Certificates, IDs & Profiles option from the side menu bar.

Certificates, IDs & Profiles

Select the Identifiers option from the left side menubar,


Collect Apple Team ID

You can collect your Apple Team ID from the Membership area. Click on the Membership option from the sidebar menu and collect your Team ID from there.

team id from membership

Or, you can create an App in order to collect Apple Team ID. Select App ID from the dropdown box and click on the “+' icon to create a new App.

app ids

Select App IDs and press continue.

select app id

Choose App as an App type and press continue.

app type

Add a description and bundle id. For bundle id, add your domain name backward. For example, if your domain name is joy., then you need to write

If you take a closer look, you will find the Apple Team ID on top of the Bundle ID. Copy that for later. Press Continue.

app name

Scroll down and Enable the Sign in with Apple option.

enable signin with apple

Select Primary App ID and add URL. Click the Save button.

app url

Click on Register to finish.


Collect Service ID

Now you need to create a Service ID in order to collect Apple Service ID. Click on the Service IDs option from the dropdown menu and click on the “+' icon to create a new Service ID.

service id

Select Service IDs and press continue.

service ids

Add a description and identifier. You need to add the domain name backward. Press Continue.

add description for service id

Now, click on the Register button to finish.

register service id

You need to add a domain and redirect URLs on your Service ID. Click on your Service ID, Enable Sign in with Apple Then click Configure.

configure service id

Select Primary App ID, add domain URL (use “www”) and Redirect URL. Copy Redirect URL from the Dokan settings. See the image below.

redirect url

Now, copy and paste it into the pop-up window and hit the Next button to finish.

add url

Now, to get the Apple Service ID, copy the Identifier (com.rabbirshad) and click Save.

copy identifier

Collect Apple Key

To get the Apple Key Id and Apple Key Content, click on the Key option. Then click on the “+' icon to create a new Key.


Add a key name and choose the Sign in with Apple option. Click the Configure button.

add key name

Choose the Primary App ID and hit the Save button.

choose primary app id

Now, click on the Continue button to finish.

save key

Hit the Register button to finish saving the Key.

register key

Download the file that contains the Apple Key Content, and copy the Key ID.

download key content

Add Credentials

Now, add all the credentials in the selected area and Save settings. Copy all the content from the Downloaded file and paste it into the Apple Key Content area.

add credentials

You will see the Apple login icon below the login and registration form.

apple login icon

This is how you can configure Apple ID login for your multivendor marketplace.