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Selling Options

This is the most important part of Dokan settings. In this article, we will know what does the selling options do and how to configure selling options to fit your needs.

The selling options setting is located inside wp-admin → Dokan → Settings → Selling Options.

Description of the options

  1. New Seller Enable Selling: This option is to tell the plugin what to do when a new seller registers. Like you want to verify your sellers right after registering in your site. Or you do not want any random people to just sign up and start uploading random products and images, so to stop that, you can un-check that box.
    Or if you do not want to take the hassle of enabling each seller one by one, the you can leave it checked.
  2. Seller Commission: When a seller gets payment for his order, you want to take some commission from him, so you will place the amount you want the sellers to pay. Usually, it is set to 90% when you install and activate the plugin. So you – the admin will get 10% from each sale. You can change it to anything greater than 1 or less than 99.
  3. Order Status Change: Checking this box will enable the sellers to change the order status and let them control their own orders. If you do not check this box, then you – the admin has to control all the orders and change the status for each product accordingly.
  4. Add/Edit Product Style: Dokan has two different style for the product editing page. Flat view is activated by default and is the most convenient outline to use. But if you are one of our old customers and used to with the tabbed view, then you can switch this option for your vendors.
  5. Category selection: Setting this fields value to multiple will enable the sellers to select multiple categories for their products. If you set the value to single, then the sellers will be able to select only one category for one product.
  6. New product status: This defines the status for newly created products. If you want to review each and every product before appearing on your site, then you can set it to pending review. If you do not want to review the products manually and want the sellers to publish the products directly, then you can set the status to published.
  7. Review Editing: If you want your sellers to modify the reviews from the customer they get, you can check this option. But our recommendation would be leaving this unchecked.

Most of the time, the default settings are enough. But you should always review the settings to check if the meet your needs.

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