How to enable store wide (bulk) discount

Dokan Multivendor has built-in feature to activate bulk discount that will be applicable store wide. This means a vendor can easily enable discount options for his customer which will be activated when they buy specific amount.

The feature to set store wide discount for the customers, vendor can set minimum order amount upon which customers will get the specific discount. The customers must buy a minimum number of products within a single order to get this discount.

How to activate bulk discount

To set this up navigate to Seller Dashboard → Settings → Store Settings

Now, enter the minimum amount that will give customers a percentage discount for any product.

For this, suppose a minimum order of $25 will give 10% discount on the total amount. Then, the adding a product that is equal or more than $25 amount to the cart will provide the following discount.

In this order of $1350, a 10% discount is given to the customer as he have added a product which is equal or more than $25 to his cart. When he buys the product, he will get this store wide or bulk discount.