How to Setup Dokan Vendor Commission

In this article, we will demonstrate the Dokan vendor commission features. After completing this tutorial, you will be able to setup different types of vendor commissions with Dokan Multi-vendor Plugin.

At first, please note that there are different types of vendor commissions available in Dokan Plugin. They are,

  1. Global Commission: This commission can be setup from Dokan Settings and applies to every Vendor.
  2. Vendor Wise Commission: This commission can be setup from Vendor Profile Edit Page and applies to individual Vendor.
  3. Product Wise Commission: This commission can be setup from Product Edit Page and applies to individual Products.
  4. Category Wise Commission: This commission can be setup from Product Category Page and applies to individual product Category.

This means you can setup these types of vendor commissions using Dokan Plugin. Now, Follow the step by step guide to configure your vendor commission.

How to Setup Global Commission

If you have already configured your Dokan Plugin, then you have setup the Global Commission at the initial Step. For rechecking purpose and those who are new to Dokan:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard>Dokan>Settings>Selling Options.

2. The third option, “Admin Commission” is where you have to put your Global Commission. This value will be applied to all of the admins. If the Admin Commission is 90%, the vendor will get 10%.

If you select a Flat Commission Type, then Admin Commission and Vendor Commission will apply in the currency form, e.g. Admin will get $90 from the selling price, and vendor will get the rest of the amount of the product.

3. Set up the value you desire and Save Changes.

How to Setup Vendor Wise Commission

This type of commission can be configured for individual vendors. You can set specific commission rate for specific vendors. For setting this up,

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard>Dokan>All Vendors.

2. Click on the vendor which you want to edit from Seller Listing.

3. At the bottom of the Vendor Edit Page, you will find Seller Commission % section.

4. Put in the amount of commission you want to setup for this vendor.

5. Click on the Update User button to save changes.

How to Setup Product Wise Commission

Now, Dokan Plugin offers you new commission system wise on products. You can set up commissions for specific products and keep adding variations to your business. The following steps show how you can setup product wise commission.

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard> Products.

2. Click on the product that you want to set specific commission from the drop-down named Product Data.

3. Scroll down and under the Advanced Options, you will find Commission (%).

4. Enter the commission seller will get from this specific product.

5. Update the product using Update button.


How to Setup Product Category Wise Commission (New Feature)

Dokan always tries to provide the users with the best possible experience. Thus, we regularly add new features and update our marketplace solution. To provide you more freedom and ease, we have added product category wise commission system for your vendors. Here's how you can set it up –

  1. First, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Products → Categories.
  2. While you are creating a new category, you will notice a new field titled ‘Vendor Commission from this category”.
  3. Just insert your preferred commission percentage here and create your new category.
  4. In case of adding vendor commission for existing categories, click on the edit button under the category name.

The edit page will appear. Now, you will see the vendor commission field under the Description. Enter the commission in percentage and save changes.

These are the built in features of Dokan Plugin that allows you to have commissions from each sale. If you want to charge the vendors for keeping them their product online, then you can use our Dokan Subscription add-on.

Dokan Vendor Commission Workflow

If you have set up different types of vendor commission, you might become confused about the workflow. This means you may not figure out which type of commission will work in different situations. Here is the explanation.

First Priority: Product Wise Commission

Dokan prioritizes the commission from smaller segments starting with the Product. If you have set up Product Wise commission and also vendor wise commissions, then Dokan will count the product wise commission first. If there is no product wise commission, then the vendor commission will be used.

Second Priority: Product Category Wise Commission

After product Wise commission, Dokan will consider product category Wise commissions. It will use this commission rate whether you have vendor Wise or global commission set up or not.

Third Priority: Vendor Wise Commission

If you have vendor Wise commission set up in your multivendor marketplace, it will be considered as the third priority. If there is no product Wise or product category Wise commission set up, Dokan will use this commission.

Fourth Priority: Global Commission

If there is no other commission available, then Dokan will use the Global Commission.