Automatic Withdraw Disbursement

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The automatic withdraw disbursement feature will help the admin manage withdraws more efficiently. That manes, admin can schedule the withdraws and vendors will receive their earnings automatically at the scheduled time. Also, vendors can also request to withdraw their earnings as well.

Here's how it works.

Manual Withdraw Request from Vendors

Vendors can manually request to withdraw their earnings. For that, the admin needs to enable the “Manual Withdraw Process” from Dokan–> Settings–> Withdraw Options–> Disbursement Schedule Settings.

Disbursement Schedule Settings

Now, vendors can request to withdraw earnings. However, they need to request the amount within the withdraw threshold.

To manually request to withdraw earnings, the vendor needs to go to Vendor Dashboard–> Withdraw. There, they need to click the Request Withdraw button.

request withdraw

He/she will get a pop-up where he/she needs to add the withdraw amount and the payment method.

A default payment method will be selected but vendors can change the payment method from the dropdown box.

Hit the Submit Request button to finish.

add amount

If the request is successful, then the vendor will see that the request is created successfully.

request sucessfully

Vendors can see the request below,

request tab

Admin can approve the withdraw request from Dokan–> Withdraw. There by clicking Approve button, admin can confirm the withdraw request.

confirm withdraw request

How to Schedule Withdraw Disbursement

To schedule the withdraw disbursement, admin needs to enable the “Auto Withdraw Process by Schedule Disbursement” option from Dokan–> Settings–> Withdraw Options–> Disbursement Schedule Settings.

When the admin enables this option, he/she will see some more options to schedule the disbursement.

Quarterly Schedule: Admin can schedule disbursements every three months. For the first quarter he/she will option January, February, March. Admin can choose anyone.

If he/she chooses January, then the second quarter will automatically selected as ( three months from January ) April, the third quarter will be July and the fourth will be October.

Also, admin needs to choose the week and weekday to schedule the disbursement. Like, he/she can schedule to disbursement at the first week Monday of every quarter.

Note: only for last week, admin can choose Saturday or Sunday to disburse the schedule.

Monthly Schedule: Admin can schedule the disbursement every month. All he/she needs to do is choose the week and weekday.

Biweekly Schedule: Admin can schedule the disbursement every two weeks. If he/she choose the first week then the second schedule will be the third week. If he/she chooses second week then the second schedule will be the fourth week. He/she needs to choose the weekday here.

Weekly Schedule: Admin can schedule the disbursment every week. All he/she needs to do is choose the weekday.

scheduled disbursement

How to Choose a Scheduled Disbursement as a Vendor

If the admin chooses multiple scheduled disbursment methods, then vendors can choose a schedule from the list as per they wish.

Vendors need to click on the Edit Schedule option from the vendor dashboard,

edit schedule

Then choose the desired schedule option from the pop-up window, lastly click on the Change Schedule button to finish.

In the pop-up window vendors will be able to see the next scheduled date for disbursement.

pop-up window schedule

Vendors will see the next schedule in the vendor dashboard.

pending request

Then the admin can approve the request from Dokan–> Withdraw.

approve withdraw

That is how scheduled withdraw disbursement works and marketplace owners can use this to ease the pressure of their work.