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Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart is a type of bar chart that allows you to see the schedules of each and every task created within your project by WP Project Manager Pro. This document will show you how to use the features of Gantt Chart.


To access your Gantt Chart, go to Project Manager → Projects → Select any project you wish to view.

wppm gantt chart

After selecting the project of your choice you will see the Gantt Chart on the far right side of the menu. Click on it to view.

wppm gantt chart

Move Tasks

Gantt Chart allows you to move tasks to left or right. On the top you will see the date and month. You can move your tasks by dragging and dropping to the left or right. This is helpful if you want to push a specific task to a later date.

wppm gantt chart

Push Due Date

If you want to push the due date of a specific task, you can simply drag the right side of a task (represented by blue bars).

Hover your cursor to the right side of the task you want to lengthen, wait until your cursor turns into a horizontal double arrow, then click and drag to the right.

In this example, we moved the dates for Idea Generation and Prepare Report from 29May to 31May and increased the length of time attributed to the task from 4days to 6days.

wppm gantt chart

Progress Bar

Gantt Chart allows you to mark how much of a task has progressed.

Hover over the task, a triangular icon will show up and your cursor will turn into a horizontal double arrow.
Use this arrow to move the progress bar and indicate to your team how much of the task is remaining.

wppm gantt chart


Gantt Chart will update that task's progress project-wise so that it shows up on Project Management dashboard and To-Do lists as well.

Add New Task While Keeping It Categorized

You can create a new task right from Gantt Chart window.

Simply click the + icon under the relevant To-do list category to create a new task.

wppm gantt chart


A new task window will show up for you to enter all the details.

wppm gantt chart

From here you can create a new task, assign it to your co-worker, define a start date as well as how long the task should take. (For example, 2 Days means the task needs to be finished within two days from the Start Date).

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