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Kanban Board

Kanban Board lets you see all your current tasks created within a project and organize them in a nice, effectivey and easy-to-manage way. Upon installation of the add-on, four different boards will be created automatically. You can create custom boards according to your needs.

Installation and Location of Kanban Board

Installing Kanban Board is similar to any other WordPress Plugin. Download the zip file from your My Account page. Install and Activate the plugin.

Navigate to- WordPress Dashboard → Project Manager → Projects 

Now, select a project and click on the To-do Lists tab. You will view the existing task list.

On the top right of the page you will view two small bars one horizontal and vertical.
Click on the vertical line to view the Kanban board of your project.

wppm kanban board


Default Boards

Primarily, the boards represent the current status of your task. All your tasks will be there and you can simply drag and drop between boards based on the current status of a task.

When you install Kanban Board Extension, you get four default sections. They are,

  1. Open: Tasks which have yet not started, still in its idea/brainstorming level, are placed in this section. Basically, it works as the To Do section of your project.
  2. In Progress: Tasks that are being done at the moment or in progress, are placed in this section automatically.
  3. Done: The tasks that you have already completed are in this section.
  4. Overdue: You will find all your pending tasks here.

Please note that, these are default sections and they automatically integrates your tasks from the To-do list according to their status. If you delete these sections, they are permanently deleted. You cannot get them back again.

Managing Tasks Using Kanban Board

Kanban Board allows you to manage and organize you tasks easily. The overall design of the Kanban board is dynamic and responsive.

You can drag and drop tasks from one list to another one without reloading the page. This has made Project Manager Kanban board super fast and responsive.

You can drag a task and drop to another section if you want. For example, if you drag a task from the Open Section and drop it on the Done section, that task will be completed automatically. The system manages these according to your dropping of tasks to different sections.

The video shows how easy and quick it is to access your Kanban board and to move around your tasks!

Customizing Sections (Renaming, Adding and Deleting)

You can also rename the default sections and add custom ones. This greatly helps you to understand your requirements and customize your Kanban board according to them.

To rename a section, double click on its name. The renaming option will enable and type in the new name you want to give to that section.

To create new custom sections, click on the Add new section field and type in the name. Now, hit the Enter button of your keyboard.

Kanban Board doesn't limit you to just four default boards. You can create custom boards and organize specific tasks under them. If a board is no longer necessary, you can delete them as well making sure your project page remains neat and clean. To delete a section, click on the options bar beside the name of the section and click on the delete button.

Please note that- when you delete a section, all the tasks under that section will also be deleted.

You can view the following video to understand how it works.

Add New Task

To add a new task under a specific section, simply click “Add NewTask” button at the bottom of the board.

Enter the name of task and you will view three options including –

  • List: Pick at least one list from the available ones that you have created while creating the project.
  • Assign User: Select a team member to assign him or her to that task.
  • Due Date: Pick a due date for the task.

Finally, hit the Add button. A new task will be created under that section.

After creating a new task, you can simply drag and drop them between boards as you like it.

You can view this video to understand things more clearly.

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