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  1. Navigate to WP Dashboard → Plugins → Add New → Upload.
  2. Select the zip file you downloaded from https://wedevs.com/account/downloads/ and click upload.
  3. Activate the plugin.


This plugin does not have any settings and does not require any configuration.


Here is a video where you can see how adding sub task works.

If you are using the plugin from backend, navigate to –
WP Dashboard → Project Manager → Projects → Any Project → Todo List → Click on a task.

You will see a solid blue button to create a new subtask. The form to create a new sub task is simple and identical to the form used to create a new task. So you just need to fill the form up and you're done.

Just one thing to note: you can only see the subtasks from the main tasks discussion page. Like you have a to-do list named Report to department head and in that list you have- script writing, location searching, expense planning etc. Now you need to break the location searching task into smaller tasks like make a list of available and appropriate locations, find out the current weather condition and possible weather condition while shooting etc.

So you have to

  1. Make a project named Report to department head
  2. Make a to-do list and name it initial tasks.
  3. Create tasks named
    1. Script Writing
    2. Location Searching
  4. Click on location searching task to go to the discussion page.
  5. Now you will see the sub task button. Click on it, fill up the required information and you're done.

Completing the subtasks are same as completing the usual, or I should say main tasks. You just navigate to the task discussion page and just tick the checkbox.

If you need any help using this plugin, feel free to contact us.

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