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Woo Order

I’m assuming that you have already bought our WP Project Manager Pro – WooCommerce Order add-on (it's a plugin actually) along with our WP Project Manager PRO Plugin. Now I’m going to describe below how to use both of them together.



As the name of the add-on includes “woo”, that means you must have WooCommerce plugin installed. I’m sure you already have installed WooCommerce and set up your shop and services.

If not, then you should install WooCommerce plugin and set up your shop, product and services first.

Now if you have installed WP Project Manager PRO, you need to upload and activate the WP Project Manager Pro – WooCommerce Order add-on. But if you didn’t installed Project Manager Plugin previously, you need to install it before going any further.


So the whole thing is you need make sure the following:

1. Installed and configured WooCommerce.

2. Created a store and some products.

3. Installed and configured WP Project Manager PRO.

4. Created minimum 2 projects; with or without todos.

5. Have WP Project Manager Pro – WooCommerce Order.

that’s all you need right now.

Let’s move to the next step.


Installation and Configuration


    1. We’ll upload and activate the add-on just like another WordPress Plugin. Just login to your dashboard and go to Plugins > Add New > Upload > Choose File > Upload > Activate.
    2. Now go to WP Project Manager Pro > Settings > Integration and select when you want the project to be created.

    1. After that go to WP Project Manager Pro > Woo Project and Click Add New.

How to configure WP Project Manager Pro - WooCommerce Order - 2

    1. If you want to create a project with some previously created project format and to-dos each time a product is bought, then you should choose Duplicate. But if your client needs a customized service, I mean if your to-dos are different each time, then you may select Create; but that will only create a blank project. you’ll have to add the to-dos yourself.After that you need to assign the action to product. Only if you selected Duplicate, it will ask you to select which project you want to duplicate. But if you selected Create, It will ask you to assign somebody to handle that project.

      After you’ve selected all your preferences, just click save.

How to configure WP Project Manager Pro - WooCommerce Order - 3

That’s all! You’ve successfully completed all the steps for installing and configuring WP Project Manager Pro – WooCommerce Order. Now each time the assigned product is ordered, a Project will be created according to your previous instructions.

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