Export Utility

weForms supports exporting of its existing built forms, to be used in other form builders.

In this doc, we will show how you can do just that.

To export forms built with weForms, you need to go from wp-admin → weForms → Tools.

Under Export Utility, you will see two sections:

  • Export Forms
  • Export Form Entries

In the Export tab in tools section, there is an Export Forms field available which provides the admin with two options

  • Export all the existing forms (All Forms)
  • Export selected forms (Selected Forms)

Exporting all existing forms

To export all the forms that you have built without selecting every single one you need to

  • Select All Forms
  • Then click Export Forms button

Note: All the forms will be downloaded in JSON format file.

Exporting selected forms

To export selected forms from all the forms you will need to go to:

  • Select Selected forms
  • Then select the forms that you want to export. You can select multiple forms to export.
  • Then click the Export Forms button

Note: All the forms will be downloaded in JSON format file.

After exporting, your file will be shown in the download section of your browser. You need to import this file to the Contact Form builder that you intend to use.

The picture is shown for chrome browser. For different browser check download section.

Export Form Entries

You can also export your submitted form entries as CSV files. You can do that by going to

WordPress Admin Dashboard wp-admin → weForms → Tools→Export

In order to Export Form Entries from your database, you will need to click on the Export Entries button after selecting your desired form from the drop-down menu and select Export Entries.

  • Select your desired form.
  • After selecting hit the Export Entries button.
  • Your downloaded form entries will be shown in the download section as CSV format file.

And that's it! You are done exporting.