Import Contact Forms to weForms

Importing contact forms is very easy in weForms. In this doc, we are going to discuss how to import contact forms or entries to weForms.

At first, navigate to WP Dashboard weForms Tools Import.

There are two types of importing options in weForms. One way that you can do is just choose and import a json file of the entries that you backed up before to weForms. The other way is just hit the Import button to get all of your other contact forms’ entries transferred directly into weForms.

  • Importing entries from a json file: If you have a json file that you have backed up before, just choose and click on that file. weForms will automatically import all the entries that you want to import.
  • Importing other contact forms to weForms:If you are using other contact forms, you can still import those forms’ entries very easily just by hitting the import button. See the screenshot above for a clear understanding.