Import Forms from Caldera Forms

Go through this doc to know how to import forms from Caldera Forms to weForms and to see how your Caldera Forms will look like in weForms.

At first, navigate to WP Admin Dashboard → Caldera Forms in order to see the forms that you have built in Caldera Forms. As you are already using Caldera Forms we assume that you have already the following forms built in Caldera Forms:

Say, among the three forms above, we are going to see how the very first form Caldera Test Form will look like in Caldera Forms. Place your mouse pointer over the form name, Caldera Test Form, to get the Edit option.

Click on Edit to view the backend form builder of Caldera Forms. You can also get the shortcode by clicking the Get Shortcode button. Here is a backend view of the form in Caldera Forms's form builder:

If you hit the Preview Form button then you will be able to see the front-end view of the form. Here is a screenshot of frontend view of the form: Now, we are going to see how this form will look in weForms.

After installing and activating weForms, log in to WP Admin Dashboard → weForms → Tools → Import.

Hit the Import button to make weForms Import Caldera Forms. Once you click on Import, then weForms will begin importing all the forms of Caldera Forms automatically. Here is a screenshot of weForms while importing Caldera Forms:

After having imported, weForms will show you a success message box containing Edit and Replace Shortcodes options:

You can directly edit your imported Caldera Forms by simply clicking on the Edit button. After hitting Edit button you will see the imported form that is Caldera Test Form in weForms’ form builder. Here is a screenshot:

Now, let’s see the frontend view of this newly Imported form to check how it exactly looks in weForms. Click on the Preview button. After clicking on the Preview button you will be able to see the front end view of the form:

In order to replace all the previous shortcodes of the form you can press the Replace Shortcodes button. weForms will automatically replace the shortcodes:

Note: You must have at least one form in Caldera Forms published on a page before. Otherwise, after having imported into weForms, you can't replace shortcodes of the newly imported forms.