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weForms Changelog

1.3.0 (10 August, 2018)

* **New:** Added Resend Notification panel for entries
* **Fix:** Field options not opening when Quiz module is active is fixed

1.2.6 (12 July, 2018)

* [New] Added Phone field for phone numbers.
* [New] Added Signature field.
* [New] Added masking option to text field and phone field.
* [New] Added Quiz module.
* [Improved] Updated Paypal IPN library.

v1.2.5 (09 May, 2018)

* [New] Added Form Report Feature
* [New] Added Polling Form Template
* [Improved] Updated Payment Module
* [Improved] Integrate Payment with Donation Form Template
* [Improved] Added zoom option in google map entry display
* [Fix] Multicolumn repeat field data was not saving, now they fixed.
* [Fix] Fixed mailchimp module not working in some cases
* [Fix] Multistep Form Color wasn't working properly, it has been fixed.

v1.2.4 (28 Dec, 2017)

* [Improved] MailChimp module's contact group selection functionality added.
* [Improved] There was some issue showing Awebar authentication status. Fixed that.
* [Improved] Now are loading minified JavaScript files from all modules.
* [Fix] Zoho CRM integration's authentication issue fixed.

v1.2.3 (26 Nov, 2017)

* [Improved] Better Error logging functionality added for all modules. It's going to be easier to debug extension API errors.
* [Improved] There was some issue with module icons. Added new icons.
* [Improved] It was hard to authenticate Aweber account. Single click authentication system added. Also improved field mapping functionality.
* [Fix] Hubspot module had some issue to connect to the API. Fixed that.
* [Fix] Constant Contact was giving 500 error in list update action. Fixed that.
* [New] Added two links on top of Module page. Now it's going to be easier to activate and deactivate all module with a single click.

v1.2.2 (10 Nov, 2017)

* [New] Added SMS Notification module. Now you can send automated SMS notification on form submission.
* [New] SalesForce integration added. You can map weForms field with SalesForce, so each entry data will be saved to SalesForce CRM as contact or lead.
* [New] Another integration Zoho CRM added. On form submission entry data can be saved to Zoho CRM automatically.
* [Improved] Updated a few things on Payment integration. Setting up Payment is going to be easier.
* [Fix] On the transaction page transactions list were not showing properly. Fixed that issue.

v1.2.1 (31 Oct, 2017)

* [Fix] Because of changing weForms core plugin, Pro plugin wasn't working with old versions. Added a notice added so the user knows, he needs to update the free plugin first.

v1.2.0 (31 Oct, 2017)

* [New] We are releasing the Payment module we were working on for a while. You can take payments easily with PayPal or Stripe using weForms.
* [New] We added Checkbox Grid field. This will let you set up a grid of choices.
* [New] Another field Multiple Choice Grid added. This will also let you set up a grid of choices and user will choose only one answer form each row.
* [New] A new field Linear Scale added. Will be helpful when you are asking for a rating from the user.
* [New] Conditional routing for email notification added. Now you can decide which email to send whom based on the submission data.
* [Improved] Metadata saving option for Google Sheets added. That can help you by saving the user's metadata like browser name, IP address on google sheets.
* [Improved] We've added a Plugin Upgrade Class. When you upgrade the plugin to a new version. This will migrates everything needed behind the scene.
* [Fix] There was some issue with browser autocomplete. We've fixed it.

v1.1.0 (3 Oct, 2017)

* [Improved] ** Removed dependency of WPUF PRO
* [Improved] Added notice for downloading dependency plugin
* [Improved] Added links to get api key in settings. Easier for obtaining the related key/secrets.
* [Improved] Reload the page once a module is activated or deactivated
* [Improved] Rating fields now have default 5 star option configured.
* [New] Added form permission capability. Now you can give other user roles to manage forms and submissions.
* [New] Added Google Analytics module. Send custom events to GA once a form submitted.
* [New] Added Trello Integration. Create a card when a form has been submitted.
* [New] PDF module added. You can download an Entry as PDF.
* [New] Google Sheet integration. Create a sheet entry when a new form entry has been added.
* [New] Form step functionality. Build multi step forms.
* [Fix] Aweber module fatal error on list update
* [Fix] Conditional Logic was not working on some fields (#42)
* [Fix] Skip the license page on local server.

v1.0.0 (20 Aug, 2017)

* First version released

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