Add Products

To add products, you need to go wePOS dashboard.Click ”View POS” to view dashboard.

Now new window will open.You can view the product in list or grid mode.

wePOS-List View
wePOS- List View

To see grid view, select Grid icon beside list view.

wePOS- Grid View
wePOS- Grid View

Use two ways to add products in wePOS. Follow the steps-

Automatically Add Products

To add products automatically, click ‘Scan'. It will add the product to the cart.

Use barcode scanner to add products automatically in the cart.Barcode scanner will read products ID or SKU to add products in the carts.

To identify right products with the barcode scanner, you should input SKU , Product ID or any individual identifier of the products in the product barcode data.You also need to attach this barcode on the products.

If you don't know how to create barcode ,please check this.

Manually Add Products

Click ‘Product' to add product manually. You will find that on right side of the search box.

wePOS -Adding Products using Search Box

Start Typing your products name, ID or SKU in the search box. It will show your products right away.

Click on the products.It will add to cart.

Here is the steps in short-

Click ‘Product' → Enter Product Name/ID/SKU in the Search Box →Click the Products for adding to the cart

wePOS -Adding Product Using Product Name
wePOS -Adding Product Using product ID
wePOS– Adding Product Using SKU

You can add product to the cart by just clicking on them if do not need them finding by the search.

Using Product Variation

Store owner can select the products by its colors or sizes from wePOS dashboard.

Follow the steps to choose by size or colors-

Step- 1 : Select on your product and click on it.

wePOS-Select and Click The Product
wePOS-Select and Click The Product

Step-2 : Choose color ,size or logo of the products from ‘Select Variations' box .

wePOS- Select Variations
wePOS- Select Variations

Step-3 : Click ‘Add Product' to add to the cart.

wePOS- Add products to Cart
wePOS- Add products to Cart

Select Quantity

You can add multiple products with multiple quantities to the cart.Just click on the selected items as required quantities.

wePOS-Add Multiple Products and Quantities
wePOS-Add Multiple Products and Quantities

If you need to add or remove quantities, you can do it easily from Cart BOX -right side of the dashboard.

Click on the products or click on drop down arrow.Now click ‘+' to add more and click ‘-‘ to exclude quantities.

wePOS-Add or Remove Quantities
wePOS-Add or Remove Quantities