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Frontend Shortcodes

WP Project Manager Pro comes with built in frontend feature. Thus, users will not need to go to the backend of your site to use the project management features. You can bring all of the project managers features by inserting shortcodes into pages. Here are some examples:

Show all projects in a single page

Make a new page and place the shortcode [cpm] and hit save. Then view the page from frontend of your site. You can see that all your projects are showing with all the same features and options as it used to show in the backend.

One project in a page

You can display specific project in a page. To do this first you need to find project ID.
To get project ID, hover your mouse over a project title and look at the bottom left corner of your browser or when you are inside a project, look at the address bar; you will see a URL something like this:


At the very end of the URL, you will notice a parameter like pid=1750. Here 1750 is your project ID. So we need to write the shortcode like this [cpm id=1750]. So the page we save with this shortcode, will show this project only.

Show all tasks

If you want to show all the tasks of an user in frontend in a single page, you can use [cpm_my_task].

This will allow the users to see all their assigned task in the frontend and they can manage their tasks easily.

Pro version feature

Frontend Calendar

We have used a totally different template for calendar to avoid theme style conflict, So you have to embed the calendar shortcode to a separate page. The shortcode to show calendar in the frontend is [cpm_calendar].

Pro version feature

Frontend styles broken?

Different themes displays the styles differently. We can’t guarantee it will show exactly the same as the backend. If the styles are broken, you’ve to fix it yourself. Frontend style is tested with Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve theme and it works fine.

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