WPUF Integration For Dokan Vendors

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If you are using the popular Dokan Multivendor Plugin to run your marketplace, you can now allow your vendors to make their own blogs or posts to convey anything to their customers and visitors. This module will allow Dokan Marketplace vendors to submit a post from the vendor dashboard. It will add a menu called “Blog/post” in the vendor dashboard. Then from there, a vendor will be able to submit a post directly on the website. There are user Settings to enable/disable blog post permission for the vendor from Dokan dashboard.


In order to run this module you will need these 3:

1. WordPress

2. Dokan 2.7 free (pro optional)

3. WPUF 2.6.1 free (pro optional)

Navigation & Configuration

First navigate to Dokan->Settings->General->Allow Post. Enable the option Allow Vendors to submit post from dashboard area with a check.

This option will only come up when WPUF is enabled.

After enabling Allow Post, choose one form from Select Post Form dropdown that vendors will use to make posts from their dashboard. This dropdown shows the forms that have been created on WPUF.

Next visit the Dokan Seller dashboard. Vendors will get a Post tab on their menu. From here vendors can create posts. From here they can also edit and manage their posts in other ways.

Vendors will click on +Add Post to create a new post.