Configuring Instagram

Now you can let your user register using their Instagram account. To get started first you need to have the Social Login module enabled. Then go to the Social Login settings in WP User Frontend menu.

wp-admin→User Frontend→Settings→Social Login

Creating An Instagram App

To get started with login using an Instagram account, at first you need to create an app. Click on the Create an app link in the settings menu.

You will be greeted with the Instagram developer page. Log in with your credentials.

Please note, you might not need to login if you previously accessed Instagram before.

Afte successful login you will be redirected to the developer page dashboard. Register your application. Then go to the manage clients in the upper right section.

Then you will see the configuration options to configure your app. Fill up the registration form to your liking. For the Valid redirect URIs you need to go to

wp-admin→User Frontend→Settings. In the Instagram settings, you will see the redirect URI.

Please note here you need to set the registration form ID in the {{form_id}} part. As an example, if your registration form ID is 30 like the picture is shown below you need to insert that number in the Redirect URI.

Note: You need to also select Registration from the WPUF Registration Form drop-down menu.

In short:

Your Registration Form ID: 30

Your Redirect URI: https: //{{form_id}}&hauth.done=Facebook

Your Redirect URI after inserting the form ID:

After you create the app you will see in your Instagram developer dashboard.

Click on the Manage in the right corner of the box to see your Client ID and Client Secret.

Copy & paste them to your User Frontend Instagram settings menu. Then hit save changes.

Now your users will also be able to use their Instagram account to Register/login.

Frontend View

The frontend view of your form should look something similar to this. If your users click on the Instagram icon they will be asked to give their account credentials.


This completes configuring Instagram for WPUF.