Configuring Pinterest

To let your users register using their Pinterest account you first need to set up the APP ID and App Secret by creating a Pinterest App. Click on the Create an app link and you will be redirected to Pinterest developer page.

Go to wp-admin→User Frontend→Settings and you will find the settings.

Creating A Pinterest App

To start creating first you need to agree to the developer agreement and click on Create app.

After creating the App click on it to see it's configuration options. Scroll down to see the Platforms menu. There you will need to input the Site URL and Redirect URI that you can get from the WP User Frontend.

Please note here you need to set the registration form ID in the {{form_id}} part. As an example, if your registration form ID is 30 like the picture is shown below you need to insert that number in the Redirect URI.

Note: You need to also select Registration from the WPUF Registration Form drop-down menu.

In short,

Your Registration Form ID: 30

Your Redirect URI: https: //{{form_id}}&hauth.done=Facebook

Your Redirect URI after inserting the form ID:

After configuring all the settings hit save changes.

Configuring The WP User Frontend Settings

Now after successfully creating an app, scroll up to see your App ID and App secret.

Copy and paste them to the WP User Frontend Social Login settings.

To set the settings, hit Save Changes. You are all done configuring Pinterest registration/login setting here.

Frontend View

Now once you log in as one of new user you will be greeted with a Pinterest icon. Once you click on it you can register using your Pinterest account credentials.

This completes configuring Pinterest for WPUF.