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Controlling Submission Post Status

Setting your users post status from backend, gives you control over them on what they publish in your site. This protects your site's integrity and your reputation to other users and visitors. On the other hand, if you want “freedom of speech” for your users' posts, you can also allow their posts to directly publish in your site. Here is how to do it.

Navigate through WP User Frontend > Post Forms. Select an existing form or add a new form. Then select Settings > Post Settings. Set post status to whatever you wish. Your visitors or site's users posts will saved into that status. Next click on the save form button on the right. Check out the screenshot below:

If any of your user edits their post after you publish it on your site, you need to know what they edited and you can post it on your site or not. Navigate through WP User Frontend > Post Forms. Edit an existing post form or add a new post. You will see three tabs at the top:  Form Editor, Settings and Notifications. Navigate through Settings > Edit settings. You can see a dropdown field named Set Post Status to. It has five options. The screenshot below shows the settings:

Next click on the save form button on the right.

A test case shown below to give a complete idea on what happens to your users' posts when you set “draft” and “published” to your post status. When you set post status to “draft”, your user post anything they want , will not be published on your site. Say you have created a form where they can add a title and a post. This is what an user will see:

They fill up the form and submit the form. Upon successful submission, they will see this:


When you[admin] log in, you will see them as “draft” post and you can publish them as you wish.

If you save the post as published, you will not see any draft post in your backend. Everything your users write and submit will be directly published.

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