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Setting Up Email Verification for New Users

To set up Email Verification for New Users, navigate through:

WP-admin→User Frontend→Registration form→Add Form→Settings then follow the below steps:

A new form with the name ‘New Users' is added

Open the ‘New Users' form to get to its Setting menu.

Simply check mark on the ‘Enable Email Verification' box to enable email verification for the new users.

Sample of Registering & Verification Email of New Users

New User Registration page

To register, a new user needs to click on Register after filling out the Email & Password fields.

Verification Email

After a new user has registered, a Verification Email with a password set up link has been sent to the user's registered email address as it can be seen above.

New User verified

After clicking on the link of the Verification Email, the user is redirected to set their new password to verify the newly registered User ID.

After resetting the password, a user is all set to use their new account by logging into it.





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