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Frontend Comment Manager

Manage all of your comments from site frontend

This add-on will allow you to show  comments at front-end by using a simple short-code. So, you don’t have to give back-end access to your users for comment moderation!


Install the plugin as regular WordPress plugin and activate it.

WPUF Comment Manager Shortcodes

Use short code [wpuf_comments] to show all default comments.

You can pass different post type parameter for listing different type of comments. Example: [wpuf_comments post_type=”product”].

Manage Comments from Frontend

You can control the comments directly from frontend using this extension. Just navigate to your post and at the end of it, you will find the comments section. This section will contain comments along with the author and link to that comment.

From there, you can manage and edit comments just like backend. You can unapprove, quick edit, make spam or trash any comment if you want. There is also options for bulk edit comments.

WPUF Comment Manager Settings

You can also setup how many comments you want to show per page.

Just navigate to – WordPress Admin Dashboard → User Frontend → Settings → Comments Per Page

Now, enter the number of comments per page in comments extension.

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