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Let your vendor easily export or import their products in CSV & XML format directly from the frontend

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Requirements: WordPress 4.2+, WooCommerce 2.3+, Dokan 2.0+

Suitable For: Let the vendors import and export product data.

Available in: BusinessEnterprise

Dokan Export/Import is a module for Dokan plugin which allows you to export or import your products along with its details. It supports both .xml and .csv format files and uses standard WordPress export and import API. So you can use your product data in any WordPress and WooCommerce compatible site.

This module will allow your vendors to export and import/create their products in bulk from any WooCommerce compatible site anytime on their own. This will enrich your business with the possibility for vendors to switch vendors platforms or sites easily and with lesser pain.

Moreover, your vendors can use this feature to quickly take a backup of their products and data. Or they might need to copy or transfer the same data to a similar marketplace.

The module is simple, probably simpler than the WordPress Export interface.

Dokan Export Import Module Importing Products

With Export/Import module your vendors will be able to

  • Export/ Import all the products of their store with all the details intact
  • Map columns individually for all the available attributes when uploading
  • Start their store exactly the way they configured it on a new Dokan powered store
  • Keep a backup of all their products at all time
  • Use a much simpler interface compared to WordPress export interface
  • Do these things all from the frontend

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