Dokan-Talk JS Live Chat

Earn greater customer satisfaction & increase sales by resolving customers issues faster. Use the Dokan-Talk JS Live Chat integration to allow vendors to give quick real-time support to your users & customers.

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Requirements: WordPress 4.5+, WooCommerce 3.3+, Talk JS PRO, Dokan Lite 2.8.2+, Dokan PRO 2.8.2+

Suitable For: Urgent Real-Time Chat Support Service

Available in: BusinessEnterprise

eCommerce businesses are difficult to run without a robust and smooth customer support service. Users want quick solutions to their queries and complaints, and simply don't like waiting. Live chats are a customer convenience and provide a faster problem resolution method.

The Dokan Live Chat module is an integration with TalkJS to provide customers instant access to vendors which contact forms, forums, and even tickets don't. For this to work, you need to have subscription in one of Talk JS PRO Plans.

And here's why you need it for your marketplace:

  • Vendors can faster discover and resolve customers' pain points. It is also a very personal interaction which customers love!
  • In live chats, there is a sense of increase in authenticity, ease, and trust that's felt on both sides.
  • This transparency is essential to build credibility, trust, and lifelong relationships with customers.
  • The Dokan-Talk JS Live Chat module makes real-time conversation between vendor & customer dynamic, interactive & easy to follow through.

Important: You need to have a TalkJS PRO Plan subscription in order to run the Live Chat module in Dokan Business & Enterprise packages. Learn from the Dokan official documentation how to set up your TalkJS PRO account for live chat.

With Dokan-Talk JS Live Chat integration, your vendors will be able to:

  • Activate a "Chat Now" button in the store page and all product pages.
  • Have an instant medium to connect with customers, and reach more users directly and privately.
  • Have an Inbox dashboard where all live chat conversations are stored.
  • Understand customers' pain points, needs & wants more closely.
  • Get to know users who show genuine interest in their products/services.
  • Take immediate actions to solve user's problems and notify them instantly.
  • Receive instant Desktop Notifications when a user messages.
  • Reply & communicate from dashboard and any page around the web store.
  • Access offine messages anytime through Dashboard Inbox.
  • Get email notifications for incoming messages when offline from the web store.
  • Get more opportunities to turn registered visitors into paying clients.
  • Generate leads, increase sales, and create happier customers by resolving issues faster.

Your customers will be able to:

  • Create instant and real-time personal conversations with vendors.
  • Get a dynamic pop-up modal window to easy carry out conversations while browsing the webstore.
  • Get faster resolutions to their complaints.
  • Forego the hassles required to fill up contact/support forms or create support tickets.
  • Bring queries to the attention of vendors any time.
  • Add attachments of any type, like screenshots, PDFs, links, spreadsheets and a lot more.
  • Leave messages in the inbox when vendor is offline.
  • Get email notifications for replies when they go offline.
  • Enjoy a happier shopping experience!

Learn more about this add-on from our documentation.

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