Seller Verification

Verify your vendors using their social profiles, phone and even their photo ID

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Requirements: WooCommerce 2.3+, Dokan 2.0+

Suitable For: Vendor Verification

Available in: ProfessionalBusinessEnterprise

Customers feel comfort buying from trusted vendor, if you can vouch for a vendor – that works too! Only addresses, names and numbers on a LCD screen are not enough sometimes. But as a market owner if you can certify that all information on a vendor is real; customers will not hesitate to shop. With Dokan Seller Verification module you will be able to run verification on your vendors and customers will be able to see them.

Customers feel freer while browsing or buying from a vendor who is more open and verified by an authority. Vendors can also add verified social networking profiles into their stores.

Dokan Seller Verification helps you to check the authenticity of the vednor via their social profile and phone. Photo ID verification is available as well.

Documentation of Seller Verification for Dokan.

With this module, admins can

  • Set up a verification process for vendors to go through
  • Verify the vendors using social proofs
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Google Profile
  • Use Photo ID to check if the registered vendor is authentic
  • Make the marketplace more transparent and a genuine place to buy things
  • Let the visitors see which vendors are verified

Your vendors can

  • Verify their profiles using multiple proofs
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google profiles for verification
  • Earn the trust of visitors and customers more easily

And your customers will be able to

  • See if the vendor is verified or not with the help of badges
  • Feel secure when buying from an unknown vendor

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