Enables users to import, manage and ship the orders hassle-free. A leading shipping application for marketplace sellers.

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Requirements: WooCommerce 2.3+, Dokan 2.9.3+, ShipStation Account, ShipStation API

Suitable For: Automatic Marketplace Shipping

Available in: BusinessEnterprise

Provides the customers on your marketplace with the facility of automating their shipping process with popular ShipStation. Activating this module in Dokan will enable the vendors to manage the shipping orders right from their dashboard.

As shipping can be undeniably complicated, so this new module for Dokan will make it unbelievably easy for its users. More importantly it eliminates any complication that may arise while the shipping process is in effect.

It connects with your Dokan marketplace, shopping carts and carriers easily with no hassle of installation required of any sort. So now with inclusion of this shipping solution module, the vendors of Dokan can ship more in less time.

This fast shipping software works with all the essential Dokan marketplace requirements. So you can completely automate your marketplace shipping with the fastest shipping option for Dokan.

Moreover, now all Dokan vendors gets to sell and ship their products by adding a customs template, choosing the best carrier, handling the customs documents, and auto-sign.

With this module, users will be able to:

  • Increase order processing efficiency through flexible workflows
  • Manage repetitive task with customizable automation rules
  • Get full control over user-level permissions and restrictions
  • Manage orders and view reports from anywhere via mobiles
  • Sync order status and tracking details with your store and marketplaces

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