Vendor Staff Manager

This module gives the sellers of your multivendor marketplace a unique opportunity to appoint an unlimited number of staffs to manage their personal eCommerce stores.

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Requirements: WooCommerce 3.2.6+, Dokan Pro Business 2.7.3

Suitable For: Multivendor Staff Management, Multivendor Teams, Multivendor Online Team Management, Multivendor Online Staff

Available in: BusinessEnterprise

Vendor Staff Manager allows vendors of your Dokan-powered marketplace to create unlimited online staffs with customized and restricted access. Vendors can manage their online staff independently without having to rely on admins using their frontend dashboard.

This means vendors can:

  • Create and manage online eCommerce staffs directly from the front end.
  • Securely add staffs living remotely and forgo the hassles that come with physically managing a team.
  • Securely operate their online business remotely.
  • Have more hands and opportunities to get more things done and faster!
  • Have more control and authority to run their eCommerce business along with a full-fledged online team just like a brick and mortar store business.
  • Let staffs reliably manage orders, products, reports, reviews, withdraws, and even some of the other premium modules.
  • Manage permission to let staffs access certain portions of the vendor features.
  • Easily enable or disable permissions using smart permission manager from frontend.

In Short: Your vendors can add as many staffs as they want, decide who gets to do what and enjoy more liberty in running their eCommerce!

Vendor Staff Manager is available in Dokan Business and Enterprise Packages.


  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • Add new staff to store.
  • Delete staff.
  • Manage permission levels of each staff for multiple categories
  • Customized Staff Dashboards according to the permissions given by the vendor.
  • Easily turn on and off a category by enabling/disabling the menu option.
  • Staff can add, edit, and delete products and coupons.
  • Staff can manage orders, reviews, refunds, and withdrawals in multiple ways.
  • Staff can view detailed reports on daily sales, top selling and earning product.
  • Manage staff permissions for bookings.
  • Manage Auctions and auction-able products.
  • Respond to and handle support tickets from clients.

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