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Frequently Asked Questions

The server requirement for Dokan is PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later. You can start with a shared hosting. Depending on your traffic and content, you can upgrade your hosting later.
Dokan is not compatible with WordPress multisite system but if you want to use it on a single subdomain of your multi-site installation then it can be possible. One Dokan plugin can be used on 1 database. That means you can activate the plugin only on one subsite. Multiple sub sites are not supported.
No, there are no limits. Both the free and paid version has unlimited vendor, product, categories and tags feature.
Our plugin just passes the data from frontend to WooCommerce. The earning and sales reports are generated on demand. So the traffic handling does not depend on Dokan. It depends on the infrastructure you have and the level of your resource optimization.
Yes, you can use any WooCommerce compatible payment gateway with Dokan. But the offline payment collection requires some off the system communication and collaboration. Please consult your business planning executive for more information to proceed forward.
Currently, Dokan is using its own shipping method. WooCommerce shipping functionality is not integrated on the front end.
This is a common warning if you have re-installed the plugin. No need worry, just create a support ticket then our team will reset the activation for you. Also, we always suggest not to activate the key if your site is not live yet.
Yes, you can set withdraw threshold in Dokan. If you set 10 days then the vendor would not be able to send any withdrawal request before 10 days after completing an order.
Yes, the admin can create tax class from the backend and vendor will be able to use the class for their product. Please read this documentation.
Yes, sure. In Dokan plugin a customer can purchase multiple vendors product at the same time. Now, if your gateway is Dokan PayPal Adaptive Payment then a customer would be able to add maximum 5 vendors product on the cart.
Let me assure you that your Dokan works with most of the other themes that are compatible with WooCommerce but sometimes it's may create CSS issue that can be fixed through custom CSS. You can find some Dokan compatible themes here.
It is not possible to show vendor review on the Vendor Dashboard, only product reviews are shown in vendor dashboard. A vendor can see the vendor reviews he has received on his store page.
$199/year means that you need to pay $199 to buy the plugin and after 1year you will need to pay the same amount to renew the licence key.
You can purchase the plugin for one time and may not wish to renew it later. Buying the plugin gives you free support and update for next 365 days from the day of purchase. Not renewing the license does 2 things to your package: a) no more free customer support and b) barred from updating the plugin. So you see, to be able to run your plugin smoothly renewing your license is highly important!
As per our support policy, we provide support for our default functionality, customised configuration and installation. For further customized support, for example, if you need to change or modify anything on the Dokan plugin then you may need to hire a developer. We will be happy to share the correct file location or function reference.
Yes, we do have a demo site. Here is the link to our demo site.
On the paid version of Dokan plugin, you will get many features which are not available on the lite version. Here is the comparison list.
There is no limitation for vendors quantity. If your server memory is strong then you can have unlimited vendors.
Yes, you can translate Dokan plugin to your own language easily. Please follow this doc/tutorial.
Yes, in Dokan the admin can set commission for each product from the backend product area.
Currently Dokan is not integrated with any POS system like WooCommerce POS plugin.
In Dokan you can disable product upload option for the newly registered vendor. If you do that then each vendor needs your permission to upload product on the website.
A vendor can manage his own shipping from the frontend dashboard. They can set their own shipping rate for each country/state. Read this doc/tutorial for details.
A vendor is unable to use his own payment gateway for his store. The gateway need to be selected from the admin area. As an example - If the admin select Dokan Stripe as his gateway and enable Dokan Stripe as withdrawal method then vendor need to be connected with Stripe.
In Dokan a vendor is unable to sell subscription type product. The vendor can only sell simple, variable, and downloadable product.
Yes, Dokan is integrated with WooCommerce Booking plugin. Just install the Dokan WC Booking add-on to enable bookable product function in Dokan.
You can use most of the Woocommerce compatible non-adaptive gateways with Dokan. You can check this list.
Yes, we have two adaptive solution like Dokan PayPal Adaptive and Dokan Stripe connect which will split the commission automatically to the vendor account.
Yes, in dokan you can set product status as “Pending review”. After uploading a product from the vendor area, admin will have to review and publish the product.
Yes, we have two adaptive solution like Dokan PayPal Adaptive and Dokan Stripe connect which will split the commission automatically to the vendor account.