Project Manager Frontend


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Build for WP Project Manager

Build for WP Project Manager

This plugin will allow your users to access their WordPress project manager projects from front-end.

Using Short-code

Using Short-code

By using short-code you can display your projects in to any page or post.  However, Only assigned users will be able to see their projects.


How do I know the project ID?

Hover your mouse over a project. You will see a URL something like this:
http://example/wp-admin/admin.php?page=cpm_projects&tab=project&action=single&pid=1750. 1750 is your project ID. 

If I use ‘ cpm ‘ shortcode, can everyone see every project?
No, users can see only the projects they are assigned to.

Why project styles in frontend is broken?
Different themes displays the styles differently. We can’t guarantee it will show exactly the same
as the backend. If the styles are broken, you’ve to fix it yourself. Frontend style is tested with
Twenty Eleven and Twenty Twelve theme and it works fine.

When I reply from the admin panel, URLs in the E-Mail points to admin panel project URL?
If you make a comment or create a new message or assign a task to someone from admin panel, all
the URLs in E-Mail will point to the admin panel URL by default. Frontend plugin will not alter
those URLs. Responses made from frontend will only have the frontend pointing URLs.

How do I get the Frontend plugin update?
When a new version of the plugin will release, you’ll get a update notification on your admin panel.
You’ll be able to download from if you purchased the plugin.