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  • Dokan Subscriptions

    Want to charge your sellers fixed commission? Or you want to charge your sellers for creating products? It will help you to reduce spam and offer better products to your customers.

  • Dokan Product Enquiry

    If you want your customers to contact seller about product from product page, you should buy this add-on. Just install and activate. No need to configure.

  • Dokan Simple Auctions

    $49.00 for 1 year

    Want to offer your vendors auction-able products selling feature? This add-on for Dokan integrates WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin in seller dashboard!

  • Dokan Stripe Connect

    Want to pay your sellers in real time? Don’t want to handle the pain of refunds? Stripe Connect is the ultimate payment gateway – famous for low fees!!

  • Dokan Export Import

    This add-on allows your sellers to export and import products from front in .xml and .csv format in your Dokan powered marketplace.

  • Dokan Vendor Vacation

    If your vendors need to go on vacation or temporary close their WooCommerce store and put all their products offline, you should use this add-on with Dokan.

  • Dokan Ajax Live Search

    Looking for an instant searching feature like Google on your site? This add-on turns your regular search bar into an instant searching tool to quickly search for products or narrowing down with categories and tags.

  • Dokan WPML Integration


    Want to display your product and pages in multiple languages? Use this plugin with the famous WPML plugin to enable multiple languages on your marketplace

  • Dokan WooCommerce Booking

    $49.00 for 1 year

    Dokan WC Booking Integration allows vendors to create bookable products and customers to customize their booking orders. Create Hotel, resort, conference rooms, cars, bikes, etc. with this new add-on.

  • Dokan Store Support

    Give your sellers a support feature on their store. It’s time to deal customers like a Pro!
    Get all the support features at the convenience of your frontend with Store Support add-on.

  • Dokan PDF Invoice


    Need a multi seller invoicing system for your Dokan multi vendor site? This free add-on uses WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin to add basic invoicing feature.

  • Dokan Vendor Verification

    Dokan vendor verification helps you to check the authenticity of the sellers via their social profile and phone. Photo ID verification is available as well.