Complete multivendor eCommerce solution for WordPress

What is Dokan?

Dokan enables you to build multi-seller or multi-vendor e-commerce solution with WordPress. You can start your own ebay or Etsy like marketplace sites in a matter of time. E-commerce with WordPress now made easy!

How it works?

  • Sellers Registers
  • Creates Products
  • Starts Selling
  • Both Earn Money

Marketplace Features

  • Based on WooCommerce!

    As WooCommerce is hugely popular and very feature rich, we built our app based on WooCommerce (2.6+), giving you the goodness of both WooCommerce and WordPress!

    Based on WooCommerce!
  • Works in any WooCommerce compatible theme

    Dokan can work with any theme that supports WooCommerce. We also provide you a free theme to get you started!

    Works in any WooCommerce compatible theme
  • Marketplace with Independent Stores

    Similar to ebay stores, Dokan allows anyone to setup their own store within minutes, turning your website into a fully-fledged marketplace.

    Marketplace with Independent Stores
  • Dashboard For Each Seller

    Customers and Vendors get access to a simple, straight-forward dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory, including sales, discounts and promotions.

    Dashboard For Each Seller
  • Earn From Each Sale

    You can charge your sellers a percentage for each order, giving them an e-commerce solution free of any monthly fees. A fair commision model allows both parties to share the success of your marketplace!

    Earn From Each Sale
  • Birds Eye View With Reports

    Every seller can see his/her own sales report and see a bird eye view on the sales they are making.

    Birds Eye View With Reports
  • Coupon Management

    Every seller manages their own products and discounts they offer. What's more, create discount coupons for special sales!

    Coupon Management
  • Individual Stores

    Sellers get their own store page with their own branding.

    Individual Stores
  • Manage Product Reviews

    Each seller manages their own product reviews independently. Delete, mark as spam or modify the product reviews on the fly.

    Manage Product Reviews
  • Manage Orders

    Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the products.

    Manage Orders
  • Review Product Publishing

    Each seller manages their own orders, mark orders as pending or processed, view the shipping and billing address and ship the products.

    Review Product Publishing
  • Easy Seller Withdraw System

    Seller can make withdraw request to admin by their dashboard. Admin can set minimum withdraw limit threshold, days for withdraw and manage requests.

    Easy Seller Withdraw System
  • Seller Profile Completeness

    Dokan manage sellers profile completeness par on sellers dashboard. Seller can view his/her profile completeness percent by the bar.

    Seller Profile Completeness
  • Manage SEO for Store Page

    Each seller can manage SEO for their own store page. They can use custom SEO meta and description for their store page.

    Manage SEO for Store Page
  • Each Seller Setup Their Store Settings

    Seller can setup the store from their settings on seller dashboard

    Each Seller Setup Their Store Settings
  • Seller Payment Method Setup

    Seller can manage their payment methods from their dashboard settings. They can also set their withdraw method from there.

    Seller Payment Method Setup
  • Seller Social Profile Setup

    Sellers can manage their social profile from their dashboard settings. They can set their social profile on the store.

    Seller Social Profile Setup
  • Shipping Management for Each Seller

    Each seller can manage their products shipping from their shipping tab. They can set global shipping for their store and override shipping rate from products.

    Shipping Management for Each Seller
  • Order Status Counter Widget on Seller Dashboard

    Seller can have a quick view on the number of their orders status by order status counter dashboard.

    Order Status Counter Widget on Seller Dashboard
  • Admin Announcement System for Seller

    Admin can set announcement for sellers from back-end. Admin can choose all seller or select individuals as he/she wants. the announcement will then show on seller dashboard which leads to a announcement list template.

    Admin Announcement System for Seller
  • Control Selling Capability

    You can activate/deactivate merchants and select which merchant that can sell their products. Promote them to become 'trusted sellers' to publish without delay!

    Control Selling Capability

Pricing Options

14 Day Money Back Guarantee. See Refund Policy

Single Site

  • Use on one domain/site
  • Get the plugin + free theme
  • 1 year free support
  • 1 year free updates

Unlimited Sites

  • Use on unlimited domains/sites
  • Get the plugin + free theme
  • 1 year free priority email support
  • 1 year free updates

Want to give it a spin for free?

Download Lite Version for FREE

If you have any pre-sale questions related to pricing, please have a look at our FAQ section or Contact Us directly.

Seems a bit pricy?

Say we charge $40/hour, we are only charging you for 5 hours of our effort. In exchange, you get a complete marketplace software, a free marketplace theme to get you started, a solid codebase with bunch of features with 1 year support and updates. We also constantly add new features and bug fixes, so the cost is worth it!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the System Requirements?

    The server requirement for Dokan is PHP 5.6 or later and MySQL 5.6 or later. You can start with a shared hosting. Depending on your traffic and content, you can upgrade your hosting later.
  • Is it multisite compatible?

    No. Dokan has a built in domain mapping system which works for each seller to display the store page. And the seller can choose his own store URL. So making it multi-site might scramble things up.
  • Do you provide trial?

    No. We do not provide trial at customer end. We only provide trial on our demo server, which is located at You have to click on the launch demo button and follow the on screen instruction.
  • Online demo link?

    The link for our demo is
  • Is there any limit on product, category and tags?

    No, there is no limit on product, category and tags. You can have as many of them as you want.
  • Is there any limit on seller and customers?

    No, there is no limit on sellers and customers. You can have as many of them as you want.
  • How much traffic can Dokan handle?

    Agh! This is a tough question. Our plugin just handles the frontend input for products and calculation for the money and we have tried to optimize our code as much as possible following PHP and WordPress standards keeping your security intact. Handling traffic depends on various things. And you also have to keep in mind that configuring resources such as bandwidth, cache, RAM and processor and location is important. So this depends on you. To know more about this question, you can visit this link on Stack Exchange. Some of our customers have more than 3, 00,000 customers and 2000 sellers.
  • Do I have to pay for once? What happens when the license is expired?

    Yes! You pay once and you can have the plugin working for you forever! We will provide you support and update for 1 year with each license. If you do not renew your license, only the update will not be available and you will not be able to post on the support forum. The plugin will work fine after license expiration. But it is recommended to have a valid license and keep your plugin updated for security and compatibility.
  • Can I use my existing theme?

    Yes, you can use any WooCommerce compatible theme with Dokan.
  • Do you have any list of compatible themes?

    As you can use any WooCommerce compatible themes, there are thousands of themes are available. Most of our customers prefer WooCommerce themes from themeforest. You can check them out here
  • Which plugins are compatible with Dokan?

    You can use any WooCommerce plugin in the backend as you normally used to do. But in Dokan system, sellers operate everything from frontend, and most of the plugin is not compatible for that. Till now we have found three plugin which is compatible with Dokan. - WooCommerce PDF invoice and packing slips. - Woocommerce points and rewards - WooCommerce wishlist.
  • What payment gateways are supported?

    In the built in system of Dokan, there is 4 payment gateway of WooCommerce is available. They are - 1) Direct Bank Transfer 2) Cheque Payment 3) Cash on Delivery 4) PayPal All the payment gateway mentioned above is manual. So it might be painful when you are processing large amount of orders and have more than hundreds of sellers. So you might want to pay your sellers in real time. For that, you can consider our 1) PayPal Adaptive Payments add-on. 2) Dokan Stripe Connect add-on. These will allow you to receive commission and pay the sellers in real time. And the best thing, sellers will be able to handle disputes and chargebacks themselves. So no action required by the admin.
  • How payments work?

    In the default Dokan system, all the payments come to the admin first. Then the sellers need to send withdraw requests and the admin pays them manually. The admin will keep his commission and pay the rest to the seller. If you use the built in payment system, you can set a minimum amount and time for withdrawal. So you can have an escrow feature. Or, you can pay the sellers and receive commission in real time using our PayPal Adaptive Payments and Dokan Stripe Connect add-on.
  • Is Dokan available in my language?

    Currently Dokan is available in 8 languages. We have an online hosted translation project here You can download the already translated files, help us to translate and get exciting discount coupons! Currently we are working with the WPML team to make our products multi language compatible.
  • Is it possible to take selling percentage from each sale?

    Yes, the default system of Dokan allows you to take commission from each sale. You can define the global commission percentage for each seller in settings.
  • Is it possible to charge sellers for uploading products?

    Yes, you can charge for uploading products and put a limit on that. We have an add-on called Dokan Subscriptions, which will allow you to create subscription packs and let the sellers create new products based on their subscription pack. For more details about this feature, please visit this page
  • Is it possible to charge sellers on monthly basis?

    Yes, with the help of our subscriptions plugin, you can charge your sellers on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  • Is it possible to take different commission from different seller?

    Yes, you can define custom commission rates from the sellers profile. Like a seller sells expensive products and to encourage him you want to take lower commission. The global rate defined in the
  • Is it possible to take different commission from different product?

    You might want to take 5% commission from a $100 product and 10% commission from a $50 product. Currently we do not have this feature.
  • How refund works?

    As in the default system, the admin receives all the money from the customers, he is liable for the disputes and refunds. But in terms of PayPal Adaptive Payments (parallel) and Stripe connect, the sellers will handle the disputes and refunds.
  • It is too pricy!

    Yes, we too agree that this price can be quite high for a startup. But considering the built in features and one year support this is not so much to pay. And as we are leveraging your development time and cost by adding features every month, the cost is worth it!
  • Can I upgrade to 5 sites or unlimited?

    Yes, you can upgrade your license anytime you want. You just have to pay the difference. More about upgrading and renewing license is available here
  • Catalogue mode, directory listing possible?

    Dokan is made to sell actual products and there is a lot of plugins with frontend submission is available in the wild. So we discourage using Dokan in catalogue mode or for directory or listing purpose only.
  • What happens when the license is expired?

    The plugin and the add-ons will keep working as did with the license. The license key only allows you to receive automatic updates. That’s all.
  • How many language does Dokan support?

    Just like any other WordPress theme or plugin, Dokan can be translated into any language you want. And we are working hard to introduce multi lingual feature by the end of 2015.
  • Does it support cash on delivery? How will admin get commission?

    Cash on delivery happens offline. So it depends on your business plan. If the delivery is done from the admin end, things are as simple as normal delivery or checkout method. But if the delivery is being done by the sellers, then admin should charge the sellers for creating products with the help of our subscription add-on. In this way, you can avoid fraud incidents.
  • Can I sell digital products?

    Yes, WooCommerce has built in downloadable feature and we have integrated all of it for the sellers.
  • Do you have wishlist feature?

    You have to use the WooCommerce wishlist plugin for wishlist feature.
  • Can I offer points and rewards to my customer?

    Yes, you can use the free WooCommerce points and rewards plugin for that.
  • Do you have social sharing and login feature?

    You can use any social login plugin to login your customers and sellers. But we have some special fields for the sellers and we recommend to not use social signup for that.
  • Do you have product approval feature?

    Yes, to avoid unexpected products in your site, you can turn on product approval feature on your site. So once a seller uploads a new product, it has to be approved by the admin before appearing on your site.
  • Do you have seller approval feature?

    Yes, you can turn off new seller selling. So before creating any products and start selling, the seller has to contact the admin and the admin needs to turn on the sellers selling permission manually. During this process, you can verify the seller and ask for papers too!

Pro / Lite Comparison

Feature Dokan Pro Dokan Lite
Plugin updates
Frontend Dashboard for Vendors
Frontend Product Management
Order Management
Withdraw System for Vendors
Individual Vendor Stores
Order Email Notifications
Seller Management UI
Seller Reports
Shipping Management
Variable Products
Coupon Creation
Making Announcements
Storefront Widgets
Customized Product Categories
Store SEO
Social Profiles (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
Earning Report
Support Type Ticket Based forums
Built in Docs assistance External Docs Site
Add-ons compatible All All
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Customers Say?

Dokan theme is perfect for my business, in 3 months I’ve 50 sellers with their products.

Very friendly support, usually you will get a response within same day during working hours. The support team is really patience and explained to you until the issue is fix. Clear Instruction – Providing step by step, help to process from your site. Keep it up.

Dokan is actually our 3rd plugin we invested in. We never had such good customer technical support in the past for any other plugins we bought. They usually answer questions very quickly. The solutions they offer are very precise.

Good Job Dokan Team

Very fast admin response and all of the stated errors were fixed. Great job!

Ever since my first day, weDevs provided me with the support I needed. Right when I ran into a problem they responded quickly to fix my issues. I’d highly recommend them and there Dokan plugin, which has helped my business idea become a reality. Thanks for all the help!

Your products have solved the problem of my website.And I really need such a plug-in to meet my needs.Also, I am satisfied with your work attitude is, help me to solve my problem quickly.

You are really amazing in terms of support, Very quick in responding. Dokan helped me solve the multi vendor problem for my clients, Not just for my client, Soon i am going to launch my own company and DOKAN is a perfect fit for my requirement if few features are disabled. I am satisfied with the plugin.



  • WooCommerce Booking Integration


    Dokan WC Booking Integration allows vendors to create bookable products and customers to customize their booking orders. Create Hotel, resort, conference rooms, cars, bikes, etc. with this new add-on.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan PayPal Adaptive Payment


    Want to pay your sellers in real time and avoid the pain of paying sellers manually? Buy this add-on to pay your sellers in same time when the customer pays

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan Extension Bundle

    $219.00 $129.00

    This is a bundle of 9 Dokan extensions. It gives you the opportunity to buy all the essential add-ons at once and save $90!

    View DetailsAdd to cart
  • Seller Verification


    Dokan seller verification helps you to check the authenticity of the sellers via their social profile and phone. Photo ID verification is available as well.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Store Support


    Give your sellers a support feature on their store. It’s time to deal customers like a Pro!
    Get all the support features at the convenience of your frontend with Store Support add-on.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan Stripe Connect


    Want to pay your sellers in real time? Don't want to handle the pain of refunds? Stripe Connect is the ultimate payment gateway – famous for low fees!!

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan Subscriptions


    Want to charge your sellers fixed commission? Or you want to charge your sellers for creating products? It will help you to reduce spam and offer better products to your customers.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan Ajax Live Search


    Looking for an instant searching feature like Google on your site? This add-on turns your regular search bar into an instant searching tool to quickly search for products or narrowing down with categories and tags.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Seller Vacation


    If your sellers need to go on vacation or temporary close their WooCommerce store and put all their products offline, you should use this add-on with Dokan.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan Product Enquiry


    If you want your customers to contact seller about product from product page, you should buy this add-on. Just install and activate. No need to configure.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan Export Import


    This add-on allows your sellers to export and import products from front in .xml format in your Dokan powered marketplace.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan Simple Auctions


    Want to offer your vendors auction-able products selling feature? This add-on for Dokan integrates WooCommerce Simple Auctions plugin in seller dashboard!

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Dokan Product Zoom


    If your theme does not have product zooming option or you are using Dokan theme. Then this add-on will come handy for you.

    View DetailsBuy Now →
  • Woo Geolocation (3rd Party Add-on)


    Add Geolocation search for Dokan. Geolocate Vendors, Customers & Products. Show ítems in a Map, and filter it in radius search by users. Adjust in Km or Miles.

    View DetailsBuy From
  • Dokan PDF Invoice


    Need a multi seller invoicing system for your Dokan multi vendor site? This free add-on uses WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin to add basic invoicing feature.

    View DetailsDownload From

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