Dokan Subscriptions


Want to charge your sellers fixed commission? Or you want to charge your sellers for creating products? It will help you to reduce spam and offer better products to your customers.

A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.

  • November 21, 2014
  • WordPress 4.2+, WooCommerce 2.3+, Dokan 2.0+
  • Charging sellers for uploading products
  • 1.1.5

Charge Vendors to Sell Products on Your Store

Dokan Subscription Packs in seller dashboard

Dokan Subscription is an easy and effective way to enable subscription packs for your sellers. By using this add-on, you can make it mandatory for your sellers to buy a subscription pack to sell products on your shop. The subscription packs are highly customizable and you can create as many variants of subscription packs as you want.


Customizable Subscription Packs

Dokan Subscription lets you customize every subscription pack you create for your sellers. You can have as many subscription packs as you want, and you can create, modify, or delete any of them at any time.

Control the Number of Products

With each subscription pack, you can set a number of products that the seller can publish to your shop if they buy this subscription. This is customizable so you can set up different subscription packs with a different number of products.

Subscription Validity

You can give your subscription pack a validity time. The seller will be able to sell products within that expiry period. You will also be able to choose what happens when their published products when their subscription expires.

Recurring Payment or Billing Cycle

Create recurring subscription packs for Dokan sellers

You can set it up the subscription pack so that the payment is recurring. You can also set how long each billing cycle will be and how many times should the billing cycle continue until it stops.

Only Visible to Sellers

Subscription packs are neatly organized so that it doesn’t show to the visitors to your site. Only sellers registered with your Dokan-activated web site will see the available subscription packs from their Seller Dashboard and purchase them whenever they want.

Dokan Subscription is the perfect add-on you will need of you want to earn money by allowing people to sell on your shop. It’s easy to set up, easier to customize and works perfectly.

Learn more about the Dokan Subscription features over at the documentation or check out the FAQ.