Global Tax for Dokan (3rd Party add-on)

Global Tax for Dokan is the premium plugin from Blue Antoinette which helps you and your sellers to stay compliant with tax requirements world wide.

A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.

  • February 13, 2016
  • WordPress 4.4+, WooCommerce 2.5+, Dokan 2.4+
  • Taxation of Multi vendor Marketplace

Global Tax for Dokan is the premium plugin from Blue Antoinette Business Solutions which helps you and your sellers on your Dokan based multi-vendor platform to stay compliant with tax requirements worldwide.

Whether you, your sellers or your customers are

  • in the EU and have to deal with VAT, intra-community supply and reverse charge or
  • in the United States with Sales Tax and nexuses in origin- or destination based states or
  • anywhere else in the world

with this plugin, you can define tax rules dynamically to meet your sales- or value-added tax requirements.

Why should I opt for this plugin?

Whether you have sellers with different tax requirements or just want to sell to customers in tax jurisdictions which require you to collect or deduct tax (like EU-VAT with it’s specific tax rules) you should opt for this plugin.

This plugin requires:

  • WooCommerce (version 2.4 or greater, may work with lower versions, too, but is not tested)
  • Dokan (version 2.4.8 or greater, may work with lower versions, too, but is not tested)


  • Dynamic Tax Rule – Engine, which deducts or applies the relevant value added tax or sales tax based on business processes.
  • Flexible Tax Rule – Configurator, which allows you to configure tax rules for your relevant business processes.
  • Supports Multi Vendor Tax Rules (Multi Seller Tax Rules) for Dokan
  • Tax Rule – Templates for
    • the European Union
    • the United States
    • all other regions of the world (Generic template)
  • Predefined sample tax rules for
    • EU
      • intra-community-supply
      • reverse charge on virtual products
      • small businesses
      • export
    • US
      • origin based states,
      • destination based states,
      • nexuses in origin- and destination based states
  • Automatic VAT-number validation by the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES)
  • Additional business fields in the Registration-, Checkout-, Order- My-Account- and Admin User Forms.
    • Account type
    • Company name
    • Small Business owner state
    • VAT-number / EIN (Employer Identification number) / Tax ID (or any other ID)
    • Tax exempt
    • Additional customer information on product page and cart
  • Registration log
  • All fields are fully customizable, any kind of tax-id or certificate of registration, etc.. can be requested from customers.
  • Uses Geolocation to show your customers the correct price according to their destination even before they enter their address at checkout