Dokan PayPal Adaptive Payment

Want to pay your sellers in real time and avoid the pain of paying sellers manually? Buy this add-on to pay your sellers in same time when the customer pays

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  • March 20, 2014
  • WooCommerce 2.3+, Dokan 2.0+
  • Automatic Marketplace Payment
  • 1.1.0

Are you losing too much time with manual withdraw requests and paying sellers manually and updating all the info on your own? To bring automation to this process, you need this add-on. Save time for your sellers and yourself.

After installing and activating this add-on, the withdraw option in seller dashboard will be hidden. They will not have to wait a certain amount of time to send a withdraw request.

The admin will not need to send money to the seller account manually and update the withdraw status and details again and again for everyone.

⚠️ Please contact PayPal before purchasing the plugin and make sure that your account is eligible for adaptive payments

How it works

This add-on has two system for receiving payment from customer and send to the admin and sellers. One is Chained and another is Parallel Payment.

Chained Payment

In this system, one account is the primary receiver and others are secondary receiver. In Dokan powered marketplaces, the admin is the primary receiver and the sellers are secondary receiver. So the admin will receive the commission in his account and the rest is sent to the respective sellers according to their product prices.

If a customer files a dispute in PayPal asking a refund, then the primary receiver is liable for that. So even if the admin did not take the money for the product, he will have to handle this case; and if he loses the dispute then the amount asked will be deducted from the admins account. So the seller is not involved here.

Parallel Payment

This is the most used system by our users. In this system, there is not primary user, or you can call everyone a primary receiver. Because each one receives their payment separately and has direct connection to the customer. So the customer can directly ask for a refund or file a dispute against the seller specifically from whom he bought the faulty product.

So the admin does not have to go through the dispute process and it will save his time. And it will also lower the chances of financial loss. You can read more about the adaptive payment system for marketplaces in PayPal's official site.

To use PayPal Adaptive Payments you must have a PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account and you must get approved to use PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API.

Paypal Adaptive Payments with Dokan


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