WP User Frontend Pro

Frontend Post Submission Plugin for Custom Post Types and Page

A complete plugin to let your users manage everything from frontend

The best front-end plugin available for WordPress. It has front-end post submission, user dashboard, registration form builder, profile builder, charge for posting, guest post and many more features.

Plugin Features

  • Unlimited Forms

    Build unlimited forms. Create as many variations you want, unleash your creativity.

    Unlimited Forms
  • Custom Post Type Support

    WP User Frontend supports custom post types. So you can create any types of posts/pages/custom post types on the fly from the frontend.

    Custom Post Type Support
  • Custom Taxonomy

    Add your custom taxonomies to the form. Use them as Drop-down, Multiselect, Check-box List.

    Custom Taxonomy
  • Custom Fields

    Create as many custom fields your form needs. Choose your custom fields from our 13 predefined field types.

    Custom Fields
  • Guest Posting Support

    WP User Frontend now supports guest posting. Now your users can post to your site without registering themselves. It has also the feature to auto register the guests by their provided name and email address.

    Guest Posting Support
  • Custom Redirection

    Redirect the users to a page, a custom page or show them a flash message after successful post submission.

    Custom Redirection
  • Image insertion in post content

    You/your users love to share image? No problem at all, they can now insert images to the post content on the fly ajax image upload.

    Image insertion in post content
  • Set Publish/Pending post status after submission

    Set your desired post status when a user submits a post. Even you can set the post status when the user edits his post. Maybe set to pending when a user edits his post and you want to moderate? Depends on you!

    Set Publish/Pending post status after submission
  • New or Edit Post Notification

    Get notified when a user submits a post, even be notified when he edits his post. You can get all the post information in the mail without checking your site dashboard. Post title, content, excerpt, tags, category, any custom fields are supported in the mail. Awesome, right?

    New or Edit Post Notification
  • Action Hook Field

    What could be more awesome when you can insert a action_hook in any place of the form and render the content from outside of the plugin. Yes, I am talking to you developer!.

    Action Hook Field
  • Post Expiration

    Who can even think that posts status and expiration can be manage automaticaly. Yes you can manage your posts expiration from this foem settings set date when the post will expire and what will be it's status.

    Post Expiration
  • Custom Fields in Admin area too!

    Did you thought you can only use the custom fields in the frontend? What happens when you want to edit the post from WordPress admin panel? Oh, don't worry, we got you covered. The same custom fields UI is also generated for the admin panel, so you could edit the same way you would in frontend.

    Custom Fields in Admin area too!
  • Build user profile forms on the fly

    Don't like the default WordPress profile edit form? No problem, build your own custom profile form. Add as many fields you need.

    Build user profile forms on the fly
  • Add Custom Field to User Profile

    Add Custom Field to User Profile
  • User Profiles in Backend too!

    Not only in the frontend, it generates the custom elements that you created also in the admin profile area.

    User Profiles in Backend too!
  • Avatar Upload

    Gives the ability to users to upload their own profile pictures. Locally hosted to your WordPress installation. Also it supports avatars from Gravatar, gravatar and locally uploaded avatars works side by side.

    Avatar Upload
  • Frontend Profile Edit

    No need to go to the backend to update your profile, do it from frontend, FTW!

    Frontend Profile Edit
  • Build Your Own Registration Form

    Want to register your users with extra sets of informations? You can do that with our dynamic form builder. Build your own sets of registration elements as you need.

    Build Your Own Registration Form
  • Different User Role Registration

    Create different registration forms for different user roles.

    Different User Role Registration
  • Captcha Support

    User registration supports captcha fields to get rid from spammers. WP User Frontend supports two captcha engines, reCaptcha and Really Simple Captcha.

    Captcha Support
  • List Your Posts

    List all your posts in frontend, edit them or delete them. Also see them with their featured image.

    List Your Posts
  • Custom Post Type Support

    List all the posts based on post types. Assign which post types you want to show.

    Custom Post Type Support
  • Date Picker

    Date Picker
  • Google Map Geolocation

    Google Map Geolocation
  • Image Upload

    Image Upload
  • File Upload

    File Upload
  • Email and URL field

    Email and URL field
  • Radio and Checkboxes

    Radio and Checkboxes
  • Select & Multiselect field

    Select & Multiselect field
  • Text & Textarea field

    Text & Textarea field
  • Hidden Field

    Hidden Field
  • Address Field

    Address Field
  • Country Field

    Country Field
  • Number Field

    Number Field
  • Repeatable Fields (Multi-column Support)

    Repeatable Fields (Multi-column Support)

Pricing Options

14 Day Money Back Guarantee. See Refund Policy

Single Site

$49 /per year
  • Use on 1 site
  • Unlimited Post Forms
  • Unlimited Registration forms
  • Pay per post & Subscription pack
  • 1 Year support and update

5 Sites

$89 /per year
  • Use upto 5 sites
  • Unlimited Post Forms
  • Unlimited Registration forms
  • Pay per post & Subscription pack
  • 1 Year support and update


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the System Requirements?

    The server requirement for WP User Fronetend Pro is PHP 5.4 or later and MySQL 5.1 or later.
  • Do you provide trial?

    No. We do not provide trial at customer end. We only provide trial on our Demo Server.
  • Do you have any online demo?

    Yes, you can find our Demo Server here.
  • Which themes are compatible with your plugin?

    Till now no theme has conflicted with WP User Frontend. So you can use any theme you want. In some rare cases, you might have to change some CSS code.
  • Do you have any list of compatible plugins?

    You can use any plugin from front, that uses custom post types. Like WooCommerce, Events Manager, Ads Manager etc, and the plugins which works with meta keys like YOAST, Car Listing etc.
  • Is there any limit on single site license?

    No. There is absolutely no limit on any license. You can have as much posting froms and registration forms as you want.
  • Will I lose any data while I upgrade from the free version to Pro?

    No. All your data will be safe in your database. But the pro version has having unlimited posting and registration form for different roles. So you will need some assistance from the support staffs. After purchasing the pro version, post on the support forum asking for help.
  • What happens when the license is expired?

    The plugin and the add-ons will keep working as did with the license. The license key only allows you to receive automatic updates. That’s all.
  • Do I need to renew my license?

    Your license key is valid for one year from the purchase date. You need an active license key for continued access to automatic updates and support. License keys automatically renew every year.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?

    Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at anytime from your account page. You will retain access to support and updates until your license key expires, one year from the purchase date.
  • I don't want a subscription

    Your subscription can be cancelled at anytime after purchase. Once cancelled, your license key will not renew automatically and will expire on the expiration date. Once expired, you will no longer receive automatic updates or have access to support. You may manually renew your license at any time to reactivate your subscription.
  • Can users edit their profile from frontend?

    Yes, this is a built in feature of WP User Frontend Pro. Users can edit their complete profile including changing profile pictures from frontend.
  • Can I charge the users for signing up on my site?

    Yes, WP User Frontend has built in feature for charging the users while signing up. But this system charges the user for creating posts, NOT for just signing up on your site. If you want to charge your users for registering and creating posts differently, then it is not possible. You have to custom code it by hiring a developer.
  • Can users upload files while registering?

    Yes, you can use any element while building the registration form, including, image and all kind of WordPress permitted files.
  • Is it possible for the user to change profile picture from frontend?

    Yes, this is a built in feature of WP User Frontend. If you use the avatar field in your registration form, then the user can provide his profile picture while registering and editing profile.
  • Do you have BuddyPress profile integration?

    Yes, but that is not a built in feature. You have to use an add-on named BuddyPress profile integration.
  • Is it possible to add the newly registered users to my subscriber list?

    Yes, you can add your newly registered users to your mailchimp subscription list. But this feature is not built in. You have to use an add-on for mailchimp.
  • Can I upload and attach images to post?

    Yes, you can upload and attach images to post body. You can also upload featured image or attach files to download.
  • Is it possible to post videos from front?

    Yes, you can upload videos as files or you can embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc. via the richtext editor.
  • Can I submit WooCommerce product from front?

    Yes, you can. We have some detailed tutorial for making posting forms for WooCommerce and using them from front.
  • Can users post from frontend without logging in?

    Yes, you can enable guest posting. So the system will not ask the users to login to post. You can set the default post owner in the settings. So all the posts the guests make, will be assigned to that user.
  • Will I get notification if someone makes a new post?

    Yes, in the form settings page, we have options to get notified when an user creates a new post or updates a post. So you will receive an email notification each time.
  • I do not want the users to publish posts directly. I want to moderate each post before the appear on my site. Is it possible with your plugin?

    Yes, you can approve each and every post before they appear on your site.To do this, you have to set the default post status to pending and turn on post notification. So you will be notified upon new posts and will be able to approve the posts manually.
  • How does subscription/membership feature work?

    Yes, WP User Frontend has built in subscription features and you can specify the number you want to allow for each post type for each package.
    Suppose you are making a subscription pack for $30 and you can allow the user to make 30 blog posts, 10 product submission and 20 order for 1 month.
  • I want to hide the posts after the subscription expired. Is that possible?

    Yes, we have post expiration feature in both subscription and form settings. So you can define the expiration period for a form or while making a subscription plan.
  • Is it possible to offer coupons to users for buying subscription?

    Yes, you can make both fixed price coupons and percentage coupons. And you can make a coupons for specific subscription packs as well.
    We also have coupon validity, usage limit and email address binding feature. So you can prevent fraud or any kind of misusing of your coupons.
  • Can I charge the users on monthly basis?

    Yes, you can. The subscription pacs has recurring feature. So you can make packs for any time period and set renewal period to any limit; like- days, weeks, months, year etc.
  • Do you have any solution for SEO?

    We do not have any built in solution, but you can use the famous YOAST WordPress SEO plugin and put the fields with meta keys. You can view the tutorial.
  • Is it possible for the author to approve the comments of his own post from frontend?

    Yes, but WPUF does not have this feature built in. You have to use an add-on named Frontend Comment Manager.


Customers Say?

Absolutely the most amazing plugin on the market!! I was a little hesitant at first with the high price of the developer license but it is way worth it and I will never regret it as this plugin does more than you can imagine but the best part is the support! I have never seen a plugin author be as supportive as Tareq is! He will do everything he can to ensure the plugin works to your needs on your install.

Seriously, don’t waste time considering the plugin, just buy it ! You will find so many different uses and ideas to implement on multiple single installs and even multisite networks (which is what I use it for)

I had been searching for a while for a plug in that world allow user to publish items from the front end of WordPress, as well as the functionality to edit their items. After using the PRO version of WPUF for a very short time it became apparent that this was the solution I had been looking for. Not only was the install simple, but the administrative features were both intuitive and well thought out.

Further to this, the support for the plugin (which was only need for queries as opposed to any errors) was exceptional).

By far the best plugin I have purchased since using WordPress!!

Purchased WP User Frontend for a client. The product is amazing and the support is the best that I have found on the web.

I definitely recommend this developer and their products to others.

This plugin is the best purchase I have made, I have tried many combinations of different plugins to achieve less than you get with just this plugin, this is the one that gives me a unified, clean, fast and efficient solution. Also the support is unbeatable!

WPUF is a very best plugin that helped us to set our wp customizable for our users ! No more coding, just compose and it’s ok ! Thanks for this 🙂

Excellent plugin that is very easy to use. And great service.

WP User Frontend PRO is extremely fun to use. It can virtually turn any WordPress website into a user driven platform, regardless of topic or concept. Forget forums – this is the future of user generated content!

Beyond that, the support is superb.

Really awesome..

I have been using hundreds of WordPress plugins over the years but this one really blows my mind! Been struggling finding and testing other frontend post plugins but nothing compares to WP User Frontend Pro, trust me.. It’s well worth the money and Tareq, the developer is a very friendly and helpful person. Thanks for making my life a little bit easier Tareq 😉

Keep up this great work please!

WP User Frontend PRO gives you a tool with which you can realize multiple solutions. We managed to use it for 3 different problems. It gives you a lot of options and is very easy in use. We really recommend others to use this plugin.

weDevs have always provided great quality plugins for WordPress and their ongoing great service never fades. I would highly recommend their plugins and services.

WP User Frontend is the best user submission plugin on the market. Within minutes of installing the plugin, I had added a multi-faceted submission form to my website and was receiving guest posts from readers. The plugin seamlessly integrated with my WordPress theme without the need for complicated customizations. Better still, the content submitted via guest posts stores within the correct categories and fields within my backend admin panel. WP User Frontend is backed by a team of experienced developers and support professionals. When my guest post requirements became more complex, support team member Nazmul provided me with a timely, expert solution. Without a doubt, WP User Frontend is a must-have plugin for all WordPress users!

I tried several plugins for frontend posting before I stumbled across WP Frontend User Pro. I absolutely love this plugin. It does everything I need it to, and does it extremely well. The setup is easy to understand and implementation is a snap.

Also, I’ve found the developer’s support to be top notch. I recently needed to contact them in order to remove an activation from one of my development sites. I didn’t have to wait days or even hours for a response. It was minutes and the issue was completely resolved. It’s rare to receive customer service like this.

Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with my entire experience. These folks are doing it right all the way around.

The plugin, besides a few quirks does what it should do. However, any missing functionality can be requested at the support forum, where quick and professional help will almost certainly lead to a satisfactory end result.

I don’t know what should I say just I know you are best and I thank you for your best support 🙂

WP User Frontend Pro