WP User Frontend BuddyPress

Want to use BuddyPress profile fields in frontend registration form? It is really simple and easy to use. Just assign the fields while making the registration form.

A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase.

  • August 24, 2013
  • BuddyPress, WP User Frontend 2.2+
  • Syncing BuddyPress profile data in frontend
  • 0.2

Free for Developer license holders


This is an add-on for the WP User Front-end PRO plugin that allows you to integrate with BuddyPress profile fields. WP User Front-end PRO's registration and profile update syncs with BuddyPress profile fields.


  • WP User Frontend V2.1.6+
  • BuddyPress V1.8.1+

BuddyPress is a powerful plugin that takes your WordPress.org powered site beyond the blog with social-network features like user profiles, activity streams, user groups, and more.
Learn more about BuddyPress here


  • Create BuddyPress profile fields from the Users menu
  • Create registration form in WPUF and save them
  • In the BuddyPress tab, map each WPUF form fields with BuddyPress profile fields.
  • The date field needs specific format: yy-mm-dd