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    i bought a plugin for $150 and it was terrible.

    the stupid plugin applied inline styling to the form!!? which means i could not style it at all and the plugin was bloated.


    so here i am again. i have a few questions before i buy.

    1) is there a wysiwyg editor for the front end and can i style it? to match my theme so when a user writes he sees what he is really going to get.

    2) if i already created custom post types and have attached custom fields to those types. is there a way to pull those in to the form creation?

    im creating a classifieds site. I have a custom post type called classified. it has a custom field called address. this field should appear on the form. then after the user submits the form and i get their address. later when a user comes and wants to reply to the user that created the classified he can press submit and it will email the user who posted via his address held in the custom field. (i think cf7 is able to create and use custom fields for emailing forms…)

    3)is the form FULLY stylable?


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    1.Yes it has Rich Text area.

    2. The plugin will support any new or existing custom post types and custom fields. Custom fields will not be pulled automatically but you have to provide your existing meta key. you can create any type of forms with the form builder. About the email functionality, you need to create some custom functionality to create the email form which is not available in the plugin.

    3. You can assign custom css classes to the form elements so its stylable via custom css.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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