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    I do like this plugin but am having a few issues I feel are either beyond me or a theme conflict, but the issue has the “CODE” tags surrounding the forms and requiring me to add custom CSS to fix quite a bit. Not ideal as it still loads the wrong way and then is changed…

    My other question is regarding meta keys and what to define when for example entering in the regular price and the sale price. I've tried the ‘_regular_price' and ‘_sale_price' but this does not save correctly. I do this and save the product (from the frontend) and it doesn't seem to update the actual product from Woocommerce.

    If I edit the product in the backend and save it, the prices are fixed up without any issues… Is this a known bug or do I have the meta keys wrong? Is there anywhere to find all the correct meta keys that Woocommerce uses.

    Many thanks in advance.
    – DW


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    Without seeing the site its hard to provide solution for css.

    For woocommerce meta keys – The correct meta key is _price and _regular_price


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    Thanks for the quick reply, is there anywhere I can see the meta keys for other things that Woocommerce has (so I can make the form easier??)

    I'll chip away at the CSS (the site is not public yet).



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    I've made my form have the ‘_price' and ‘_regular_price' but for whatever reason, it is not the same as actually editing from the backend and thus does not have the woocommerce ‘sale' icon or the regular price showing…? Any ideas?

    As soon as I edit the product from the backend and change the price or update the product, it does have the icons showing for (sale) etc… Don't quite know why this isn't working from the frontend using the plugin?


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    I believe I may have found out what I need to do… You MUST specify both _sale_price and _price in order for Woocommerce to show the sale icon…

    This is a little annoying and I'm hoping that you may be able to enlighten me on my options but I was thinking that it might be handy if you're able to add a hidden field for one of (_sale_price or _price) and have the value be the same value as is in the other…

    Bit confusing but eg:

    Regular Price (_regular_price) $100.00
    Price (_price) $50.00
    Hidden Field (_sale_price) Value = same as _price

    I just don't quite know how to get this working?? Ideas? ๐Ÿ™‚

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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