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    I'm interested in buying a license for Dokan, but before that I'd like to ask some questions and give you guys some suggestions.

    From what I understand, the customer will pay directly to site owner/admin after placing an order and the vendor will then ship the item. Correct?

    What are the current mechanism that you use as a site owner to inform the vendor that the payment has been received (for direct bank transfer)?

    This question is very important because I'm going to use this theme in Malaysia, where majority of business transaction on internet were made via bank transfer, only a tiny amount of people use credit/debit cards for online payment.

    And this payment processing flaw might lead to potential abuse. Any vendor can request withdrawal before the customer actually pay the site admin. This potential abuse might be obvious in a small vendor community, but imagine in a community of hundreds of vendors with thousands of transactions. It's hard to keep track.

    So here's my suggestion explained in workflow:

    1. Customer place an order
    2. Customer pay site owner via bank transfer
    3. Site owner review payment and order ID
    4. Site owner approve payment by clicking a ‘payment received' button
    5. Vendor will get payment approval email automatically
    6. Sales amount (vendor percentage) credited into vendor account. (There will be two column in vendor credit tab, completed and pending amount)
    7. The “processing” & “complete” buttons in vendor order dashboard are now activated, vendor can click either one according to current status.
    8. Vendor can now request withdrawal of completed amount.

    I think this little security measure can help prevent frauds from happening in the future.

    I really hope to hear from you guys soon, because I need to set up a marketplace for a local niche market before April.


    Peter Kuipers
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    I am inteerested in this as wel, still deciding if going to but Dokan or other system.

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