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March 1, 2015 at 5:43 am 37907
Sam Hello, You haven't replied to my email so this another email. 1. Is there any other way for sellers to sell their services i.e artist can sell logo designing services or programmer can sell web services. Is there any plugins that can do this using dokan. 2. Is there any plugins where sellers and customers can communicate safely within the site. I don't want customers and sellers communicating on email. Is there any plugins that can do this using dokan. 3. Can sellers enable "Cash On Delivery" from dokan. Is it possible using the subscription plugin to allow "Cash On Delivery" commission free while other services would cost commission. i.e you can use my site services only with "Cash On Delivery" mode for free, but if you want to use shipping or digital download services then you will have to buy a subscription pack. 4. On the shipping tab is it still possible to allow seller set different prices for different carriers to different countries i.e seller selects dhl,fedex and ups as shipping options with different prices for different countries and customer can see the different prices for each carrier. Is this possible and Is there any plugins that can do this using dokan. 5. If the seller or customer forgot their password or username. Is it possible select "Forgot password" or "Forgot Username" on the frontend, I don't want users going through the wp-damin panel as this is a security risk for me. Is this possible and Is there any plugins that can do this using dokan. 6. Does the Dokan Theme be customizable i.e change widgets, latest products, popular products, auction products for digital and physical. 7. Dokan mobile version is it possible to have one tab instead of two i.e remove "shop & all vendors" and have only one tab for sellers and customer dashboard. 8. From your team have you tested or used dokan other themes or have any examples of dokan being used on other sites. Thank You.
March 2, 2015 at 6:45 pm 38002
towhid towhid

Hello Ahsan,

Here is answer based on your question.

1. As an artist you can add logos thorough product page. As a programmer you can add title,cost,description etc for web services as a product from frontend. All kind of post must be need to add as a product. For this kind of feature you do not need to buy any plugin. Please check our demo in this link – by uploading some of your desired product or services and decorate the shop and check the result by yourself.

2. Apparently we do not have this kind of communication tool.

3. I am really sorry to say that we do not this kind of feature.

4. Seller can set different prices for different country and for several states but can not set prices for dhl,fedex etc.
Dokan theme already have this feature. You do not need to go to wp-admin panel for edit the profile page.

5. Dokan plugin has “Forgot password” or “Forgot Username” option on the frontend already. Please check our demo in this link – First create an account and then logout from that account. Again click login link from top section and now click “Lost your password?” link below the login form.

5. Dokan theme provide some widget (Dokan Store Location, Dokan Store Contact Form, Dokan Store Category Menu etc) by default which you can add those in the site sidebar. Also you can only enable or disable latest products, popular products for theme customization section .

6. I am really sorry to say that we do not have this kind of feature right now.

7. You can install any woocommerce compatible theme with dokan.

Thank You 🙂

March 3, 2015 at 2:25 am 38019
Ahsan Kabir Ahsan Kabir


1. Is there any possible way to allow “Collection” option or “Cash” option for free to anybody. What can you recommend I do to get or work around this option. I will be using the “Subscription” add-on to achieve different commission based on vendor package they buyed.

2. Have you ever tested or have any knowledge of Userpro working with dokan.

3. Can each different Vendor see other Vendor products on the wordpress media library when they upload images or downloadable file. I prefer each Vendor didn’t have access to every file except their own.

4. Is it possible to offer discount to customers and the discount will only take my side of the commission not the vendors i.e Admin sets 10% off every product and customer buys product for $10. I take a commission fee of $2 and the discount will only affect my commission so discount price – commission (2-1=1) so I would expect to receive $1 not $2 as it would only affect me not the vendor who receives their full after sale price of $8.

Possible Future Feature:

1. Allow Stripe payment option.

2. If you’re having problems with integrating woocommerce booking with Dokan. Try this plugin it has the same design platform called Booking System PRO.

3. Collection or cash option for vendors. This is a great feature to add to compete with ebay as they allow collection option.

4. Different shipping carrier option for each product to allow vendors to give the customer the option of choosing their prefered shipping carrier i.e DHL,UPC,Fedex

Thank You.

March 5, 2015 at 4:06 am 38234
Ahsan Kabir Ahsan Kabir


Please reply to my last above message.

Is possible to integrate it with buddypress to allow vendors to show their products and communicate with customers.

Thank You

April 11, 2015 at 12:39 am 41065
Sam Sam

These are the same questions I am wondering about.

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