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    Hello there!
    I`m web developer and working for my client he would like to purchase , and I would like to use your WP User Frontend plugin, but
    I have couple question.

    1. Is there an option when USER is register to send him an e-mail for registration confirmation, not just the username and password OR first send registration conf. and then after confirmation send user-name and password?
    (in case when i using “AUTO” registration:
    Guest Post Enable Guest Post
    Unregistered users will be able to submit posts
    User Details Require Name and Email address
    If requires, users will be automatically registered to the site using the name and email address )

    2. Is there a possibility for:
    User is “AUTO” registered – BUT do not show post-which one user has submitted until USER confirm his registration e-mail. ?

    3. Is there a possibility to change select option to radio button?

    Thank You for Your assistance!


    Tareq Hasan
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    1. You can use Theme My Login (TML) plugin. When a new user is registered, it sends new user notification by the default wp_new_user_notification() function. If TML is active and it's custom email module is active, it'll send the email via that one.

    You can also use TML's user registration confirmation module.

    For auto guest registering, it ONLY uses wp_new_user_notification() mail. So you might need to edit that bit.

    2. We have some hooks in place in the plugin. You can set something, may be a custom field to identify that this post is awaiting user activation.

    3. Which one?


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    Thank you for your fast answer!
    Since Im not that familiar with scripts, Im not sure where exactly I have to put wp_new_user_notification().
    If I know well, this is simple notification in which one MY site send out to a user there Username and Password.
    My problem is, like here when I registered, first send out an email confirmation and after that send out to user there username and password.
    This way I have confirm that this user has a valid email address.

    Is this somehow possible to integrate in your plugin?

    3.When you creating a new FORM using User Frontend plugin, in sidebar You have Form Elements, I choose Category, and I can customize the lock of the Category is it required, Field Label
    Help Text….
    Type (and here I need an option for radio buttons)

    How can I change for example dropdown to radio buttons?

    Thank You a lot for your time!

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